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I have an unnative idea about the Start/Mid/Gnd markers: three tabs with these threee labels and the different markers are displayed as a grid below them. There could be a preview of the line somewhere around.
I was thinking of using a modebutton, but I got lazy.
I want to marry this mockup... dude, this is very impressive.
Does the large titlebar exist in Luna ? Like, would it be feasible to make an app with it ?
Now YES! I love this Mockup and I want it for Inkscape!
Harvey - awesome stuff! Saw this on Forrst and it made me super excited that there are actually some designers out there using Linux that understand how to create beautiful designs!

I tried to comment on your Forrst posts, but I'm not a member... Could you recommend me: 

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing more of your work!
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