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It's great that Goggles is now fully integrated into Google Now, congratulations! However, it seems that focusing isn't implemented...?! :(

And is there a definitive, actively maintained official Google reference for all the voice commands that Google Now understands? It's hard to keep track of what's possible...
unfortunately not all of Google goggles is implemented....goggles can search for NON barcodes (eg pics of the actual product or person etc) whichwas frankly the best part....this is not supported p, nor is there an equivalent voice command (like "take a picture" or smthg)
Thanks Adam, but that doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list and most users will never find it - how are we supposed to make use of features if we don't know they exist? And what's the point of implementing them if they're not used because they're not findable? A fully comprehensive & maintained list of commands needs to be in the app itself, and the app should announce new capabilities to the user when they are added, IMHO... as a UX architect
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