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“Sprint is considered to be one of the best books ever written. and it is a great example of how Product Designers (our evil twin brother, who would make Business Analysts obsolete) use academic research and experience to invent new techniques.”

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Hello Classics Lovers,

Please listen to the new song "Dilena Nethu Yuga" and share/ leave a comment if you liked it. :)

Dilena Nethu Yuga - Harshadewa Ariyasinghe | දිලෙන නෙතු යුග - හර්ෂදේව ආරියසිංහ

Music - Navaratna Gamage | සංගීතය - නවරත්න ගමගේ
Lyrics - Samadhi Vishwanath Rajapaksha | පද රචනය - සමාධි විශ්වනාත් රාජපක්ෂ
Recording, mixing and mastering - Sandaru Gamage

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#Obsidian: Colombo - M3 Report: ENL 114 - RES 48

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 108 to 48.
The Enlightened currently control this Satellite Site, leading by 120.

Values acquired this Measurement:
Portals - RES: 36 - ENL: 48
Volatile Portals - RES: 12 - ENL: 60
Links - RES: 0 - ENL: 0
Anchored Fields - RES: 0 - ENL: 0
Strategic Field - RES: 0 - ENL: 0

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 48 - Enlightened - 108

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 180 - Enlightened - 300

Portals Owned - RES: 6 - ENL: 8 - [Value: 6 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 1 - ENL: 5 - [Value: 12 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 4
[Values: 15 to 29 = 90, 30 to 49 = 180, >50 = 300]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0
[Values: 5 to 14 = 40, 15 to 24 = 120, >25 = 200]
Strategic Field - NONE
[Value: 50% of opponent's Values this Measurement, rounded]

Portal Ownership Details

E - Buddha Statue At Mahaweli Office
E - Diamond Jubilee Memorial Of Queen Victoria
E - Girl Guide's Monument
E - Muragala at Mahaweli Office
E - Murals on University of Performing Arts
E - Public Library Colombo
E - The National Art Gallery
E VOL - Art Gallery
E VOL - Fountain near Nelum Pokuna
E VOL - Lakshman Kadirgamar Statue
E VOL - Rumbaa Fountain at Horton Place
E VOL - Sub Post Office at Museum
N - Victoria Monument
N VOL - Mural 2 at University of Visual and Performing Arts
R - Boy Scouts Monument
R - Lion Statue of National Art Gallery
R - Murals At Nelum Pokuna Western Entrance
R - President Ho Chi Minh Statue
R - Sampath Bank Fountains
R - ෆේලික්ස් බණ්ඩාරනායක පිළිරුව
R VOL - Statue of Gamini Dissanayake

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 4:38 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: FDuTJco8####4/2/2016 8:04:38####63X2uanM
SHA256 of Padded String: 8b5551db0cf04173206105a4bb29e018b567ef24ba8d55ed34c90a31ac9b2e78


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Operation "wrathmachine"

With the latest Ingress Anomaly series "Abaddon" taking place all around the globe, Enlightened Sri Lanka were ready to meet the challenge once again. With the pre-scheduled satellite site for Colombo on 12-12-2015 being cancelled just after its announcement Sri Lankan Ingress community had very thin hopes of getting themselves involved in the competition. However with the latest announcement of helping your faction to secure 125 points by winning the global MU battle, Enlightened LK decided to run a mega op lead by none other than agent @painkillerSL which was decided within few hours.

Around 2200 hrs I received a message asking whether I am able to take part in the op. As I was occupied with work already, I replied saying I could do Op Control. Which was a totally new experience for me having taken part in Ingress Operations in Sri Lanka solely as a field agent. Within an hour, I contacted all parties involved and get them into a single channel so that all of them can contact the single command center in my office.

Initially this Op had no specific name. It was named "Operation VMK" (meaning Vauniya, Maldives, Kataragama) at first but since VMS (Villingli, Medawachchiya. Sithulpawwa) has already happened I had the funny thought of naming it after my agent name which was the first ever Op for me as Intel Support and Op Control.

Agents were mobilized in different areas in the country to clear blockers and the preparation of main anchor portals. on the 12th of November Agents left Colombo to their designated targets. Maldives Enlightened were also ready with their anchor portal in Naanu Beach, making this operation a good opportunity to get the illuminator onyx for few agents who missed it during Operation VMS. Agents @Sam365 and @Capric0rn were sent to the southern anchors in Kataragama for preparation of six portals for the op which was scheduled to happen for 07:30 CP on 13-11-2015.

Meanwhile, agents @Siddharth91, @Chathu1209&@LahiruShaVinda were stationed at Vauniya and @painkillerSL, @CMNisa1, @UltraNytStalk3r, @nAPs2JAAN&@JAAN2nAPs were to meet our legendary agent @AndrewPraveen from Jaffna City. Agent @painkillerSL decided to get down at Vauniya to help others after discussing with Op Control and other teammates.

Agents @11galz&@ReaperJr were sent to Dambulla and @multyboy to Mahiyangana to clear some blockers the previous night. Agents @GeneralALCAZARR&@GhoztRanger were to clear the blockers from Galle and clear the path to Maldives from Kataragama.

Dambulla blockers were cleared on 12-11-2015 close to midnight with our agents meeting some wild Elephants roaming on the roads. Galle blockers were cleared about 1 hour before the CP with enormous dedication from the Galle agents. The final blocker which was not seen beforehand was cleared 10mins before the CP thanks to timely arrival of the Galle agents at the portal which secured two more fields before the CP.

11 fields of each having 10Mn+ MUs were created by 07:29 am (Local Time) with a total of 131Mn MUs which helped Enlightened with their global score jumping over 1.1Bn MUs. The story does not end here. Please stay tuned to read the story of how this Operation continued for almost two days making it the biggest ever operation happened in Sri Lanka and also making sure Enlightened secure the 125 points awarded for the MU victory. To be continued...

At CP 07:30
Total 131206450 MUs
11 Layers
3 Onyx Illuminator Medals

Vauniya Team
@Chathu1209 (Illuminator Onyx Medalist)

Kataragama Team
@Capric0rn (Illuminator Onyx Medalist)

Maldives Team
@meksie(Illuminator Onyx Medalist) 
@AgentBL4ZE (Illuminator Onyx Medalist)

Jaffna Team

Blockers Clearing

Intel Support & Op Control

At CP 07:30
Total 131,206,450 MUs
11 Layers
4 Onyx Illuminator Medalists
Signing off, Agent @wrathmachine

+Ingress +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Susanna Moyer 

#Ingress   #IngressReport   #IngressEnlightened   #EnlightenedLK   #EnlightenedMaldives   
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Tour Colombo in Tuk Tuk Mission Series 
Starting Mission:

24 Missions, Hack Only, around 20 portals per mission and 500 unique hacks, 99.9% you can do it without getting down from the tuk tuk.

(I am yet to try this, hence the following photo)

#ingress   #IngressMission  #Colombo #SriLanka #LevelHunt  

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Starting point: LB Finance Portal, Colombo 3.
Hack only missions, 200 unique portals, recommend to try by foot or bicycle. 
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