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Harsh Shandilya
19 | M | That substratum guy | #TeamDerp
19 | M | That substratum guy | #TeamDerp

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Outline / Ethereal - 21.2

• Google Clock - 5.3
• YouTube Music - 2.43.56
• YouTube - 13.30.56
• WhatsApp - 2.18.230
• Google Photos - 25.0

Ethereal -
Outline -

Outline Extensions 5 -
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Beta release 998

Release nine hundred ninety eight has been pushed to the beta channel. This update primarily addresses regressions to Samsung functionality from the Android P support patchstack as well as a thorough cleanup of the entire substratum codebase. Multiple crashes occurring on Android P have also been mitigated.

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Great looking set!
I'm introducing my new application.

Aww (Yet) Another Widgets and Wallpapers pack.
Set of simple but beautiful widgets and wallpapers for KLWP/KWGT
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Public release 995 and beta release 997

Stable release 995 brings about more fixes for Sungstromeda mode, along with updated translations.

Beta release 997 targets Android P support for rooted devices.

Full git log

Beta release 997
Packages: Ensure installed packages have a valid path
SettingsFragment: Remove ternary operator spaghetti and account for Android P
Updated P-fix to utilise now-finalised APIs
OverlaysManager: Do not wait for intent response on P
ThemeManager: Implement uninstall for P
Substratum: Implement initial support for Android P
Public release 995
SubstratumTile: Launch with FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK
substratum: Update all gradle dependencies
substratum: Re-add some languages
Substratum: Update localisations
ShowcaseActivity: Minor cleanup
SubstratumUI: Fix navigation bar for API 27
OverlaysAdapter: Remove blue state
SubstratumCleanup: Remove more incomplete localisations
SubstratumCleanup: Remove all incomplete/unused localisations
InformationActivity: Fixup garbled variable name
FileDownloader: Rewrite using try-with-resources
Fairly automated lint cleanup
ThemeManager: use HashSet to avoid duplicated overlays

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Who doesn't like himself a good old poll
We're going to make a few changes in the community, one thing I've been thinking about is making a new section in the community for themers to post a little profile of themselves and their work. Each themer would be allowed one post in it and it would basically be a list of themers. It can be hard to find individual themers in the current Full themes section and posts get buried quickly. We would continue using the old section for theme update posts. What do you guys think? Any other thoughts on ways to make the community easier to navigate?
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I like the idea!
No way, GTFO
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Time for a new questions post, the old ones getting pretty full. Which puppy would you like to see on the new post?
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edge 2.5

- Added Bold icons
- Added option to choose "no background" behind the settings icons
- Slightly themed Spotify
- Small bug fixes
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Finally reached Kasauli. Yes there's a forest fire in that pic.
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Substratum release nine hundred ninety

This release brings numerous fixes for Samsung users as well as a new mode called Sungstromeda, to allow for untethered overlay installation and uninstallation for Samsung users running Android Oreo.

How to use Sungstromeda mode

Sungstromeda is enabled by the switch for it in Settings. In this mode, you can only uninstall and install overlays -- rebooting to enable overlays is still a requirement, this mode doesn't change that.

Full git log
Public release 990
Resources: Remove Substratum overlay from Samsung permission blacklist
Deleted Samsung Software Update from blacklist
Overlays: Allow users to see just the updateable overlays
SungstromedaIntegration: Add the proper mode in certification
SungstromedaMode: Integrate Sungstratum mode with Andromeda

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For all the Android kernel developers, I have compiled some information about compiling the kernel with Clang, along with the full patchset on top the base of all Qualcomm devices, msm-4.4:

Any issues, let me know!
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