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Content / Developmental / Story Editor
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Please buy my very silly book. But maybe don't read it. Or not enough of it to see how silly it is. It is quite silly. For your Kindle, or Paperback!

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I'm doing a thing in Paris in May:

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New Website live and official - this site now mothballed archive
Please visit me at Follow me on twitter at:  @densewords Facebook: YouTube:  #AskDewulf Here I am talking about verbs:

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Weird Words: Bend and Bow
It's that time of year when I worry about the Holly Bears. There can't be too many of them in rural France, but you never know. In France, although there are Christmas songs, there isn't the same tradition of Carol singing, or bearding people to their front...

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Weird Words: Lacklustre and Dais
Haven't done one of these in a while, and these two words have caught my attention for very differing reasons. Lacklustre I've already mentioned that I'm a fan of self-describing words, of which the best one I know is the French word cucu  which means infan...

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I have some really interesting work to do this month. Some I can talk about, some I cant. But, annoyingly, that isn't what's I'm preoccupied with.

I'm in the middle of writing up my report on a really good book with some quite serious flaws. I like these ones. The read-experience is already good, and many readers won't be all that bothered by the flaws. But the flaws are pretty damn bad, and since the author has already moved on to later books in the series, what can be done to treat these flaws is limited. That really makes it a fascinating challenge.

I'm also waiting on a reaction for the previous report, for a different writer. Hmmm - both of these jobs were my "read and comment" service where I read the book once and do a write up with some recommendations, which is why I call it a report. Although I charge less than half what I charge for a full edit, it actually takes a little more than half the time, but it's much less of a commitment for me, and besides, quite a lot of authors go on to ask me for more detailed work on subsequent books, so it sorta makes sense.

I'm about to get started on book 3 in a series of fantasy novellas where I've already worked on books 1 and 2. This one is a joy to work on, and I'll probably have more to say about it next year. It's especially interesting as each time, the author has given me an earlier draft, and this time around she says it doesn't have a beginning. So this should be fun. Starting tomorrow.

But this isn't what's preoccupying me...

A couple of weeks ago, the book that I've been working on for (arguably) 25 years was finished and sent to the agent who had asked to see it. Of course, a couple of weeks ago was the middle of Frankfurt Book Fair and right now is the aftermath (with a short 'a') so no idea when he will read it just yet. But lots of reasons why I think this particular agent will want to represent this particular book... but we'll see.

Even this, however, is not what I'm preoccupied by.

On November 10th 2015, Fallout 4 is released. It's fair to say that not since Empire Total War was announced have I awaited a game release with such eagerness. (Actually I was pretty excited by ACIII but that singularly failed to meet the expectations set by ACII, so although ACU was awesome, I wasn't expecting it to be.)

Now unfortunately, I have a slow, rural connexion. It would take me the best part of a week to download Fallout 4 via Steam.

So I've ordered it on DVD and won't get it until, you guessed it, a week later.

And this is bothering me. But I'm a professional, sorta. I won't let this get in the way of my editing. Having said that, it's probably for the best that I'm not editing any post-nuclear-apocalypse survival fiction this month.

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24 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing that are oversimplified for clickbait
So there's this, and it's cute: On Buzzfeed Here is the list, with my responses, with my view from both sides of the coalface. 1. When it comes to fellow writers, don’t buy into the narcissism of small differences. In all their neurotic, competitive, smart,...

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Old Website Formally Retired
In the interests of simplicity and efficiency, the old website is now formally retired, and the address  now redirects here ( This makes no difference to the services that I'm offering to authors, ...

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More Antigrammar: the "sentence fragment"
If you use MSWord, or any other conventional commercial wordprocessor to do your writing, you may have used a "grammar checking" feature. You might well expect me to put scare quotes around "grammar checking" but actually this feature in MSWord is pretty in...
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