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Harry Skelton

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Oldie But A Goodie?
1977 Chianti left by my uncle's estate. Very tall rifle bottle. Never opened? Wonder 1) if it still is any good, and 2) what is it worth....

Wine lovers rejoice!......uh......maybe not... 
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Google it, you'll get hits most likely especially if it's worth anything. There's wine auction sites, etc.
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Harry Skelton

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Scooter Max - First Doggie Wheelchair Ride
Max, +Libby Campbell's four legged baby boy, became paralyzed and thanks to +Sue Harrison we now have a wheelchair for Max.  He took to it naturally and had a grand time outside.  Now with warmer weather there will be lots of good play time for him outside with his new ride.
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He's my boy!!! Makes my heart just sing to see him run you guys 
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Harry Skelton

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Reposted from Lewes, Delaware, USA
I wonder if they will see this in Scotland
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Too funny. Even so, it is a lesson learned...even for a school teacher
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Harry Skelton

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Well posted!
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Harry Skelton

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Baltimore National Cemetery
A very humbling experience. So many have fought for our country and have been laid to rest. The sheer numbers here is humbling. And to think this is small compared to Arlington and others. 
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Harry Skelton

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Remember to use the pooper scooper
You might need one when you figure it out...
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Harry Skelton

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So funny!
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Harry Skelton

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Priority Listings
Any chance to have a way to limit listings outside of my area (Delaware, USA) from showing in my queries, or prioritizing sources for information? Or to exclude sales sites from Android/phone queries. that sort of thing.

 A lot of the pay-to-list first folks can be filled with ads or have zero relevance to what I am looking for. Would be nice to have button to flag a site as relevant or not, a quick rating, and to be able to block them from displaying again.
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Harry Skelton

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Harry Skelton

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Get a chance to listen to a great version of Carry On My Wayward Son... 
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Harry Skelton

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Harry Skelton

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Have him in circles
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  • Sussex Vocational and Technical Center
    Machinist, 1976 - 1979
  • Sussex Central Senior High
    Vocational, 1976 - 1979
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Father, Grandfather, Minister, Old IT Pro
Father, Grandfather, friend, Computer Wizard from the old school.  Family caregiver to my elder family members.  Provider for those in need - even when I have less than they.  One who has had his past cauterized by addiction and who has overcome.

Rededicated to ministry and family.  Boldly standing against those who ignore the person in the present and still seek to condemn the person because of his past. 

Worker, Writer, and Prison Minister.

Society's ultimate paradox and insult - a bad guy turn good. And proud of it.  May your life be so blessed.

I do not socialize with, nor circle children, minors, anyone who wants to be gansta', uncivil, foul mouthed, anyone who takes great pains to bash Christians, Jews, or Judaism.

I do not circle anyone who's profile is spartan, has limited posts, or uses their profile exclusively as a marketing tool.

I do not chat in Hangouts with individuals who feel they have to talk to me the moment they create a profile, fail to fill in their profile, or their personal information lacks validity (i.e if you lack an Internet footprint).  Nor do I chat with "females" who have freshly created profiles and/or are young enough to be one of my children.  Romance scammers and other scammers can seek other victims.

There are other things that will get you either excluded from being circled, or get blocked by me.

Be a civil adult. Be open, honest, and someone who enjoys social dialog and willing to give a peaceful place for rebuttals and you will gain the honor of being someone I circle/follow.

I look forward to meeting new friends, even if they disagree with me.

God Bless.
Bragging rights
Actually surfed the internet with a 150 baud cradle modem. Can whistle 2400 baud carrier (remember those days?), and worked on machines from punch card and peg board computers to super computers. If you remember ihnp4, uucp maps, goffer, vt100 web surfing, 180kb flippies, 5MB 12" Hard drives, and backing up to 120MB reel to reel tapes, then welcome to the club...
QA/HACCP by day, Minister and Computer Pro by night.
  • Allen Harim Foods
    Quality Assurance, 2008 - present
  • 13 years in Hell
    1995 - 2008
  • In The Beginning
    Survivor of the Unix Wars, 1982 - 1995
    Network and Systems Administrator
  • Young, Stupid & Howe
    Machinist, 1979 - 1982
  • Mullet, Music, & Other Associates
    Student and Dishwasher, 1976 - 1979
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10 Pics From My Dog's Google Glass

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Purchased scooter from vendor but vendor failed to file paperwork with DMV. Now stuck with a scooter I cannot get tagged. DMV has open investigations with this company. Until I can either get my current scooter tagged or get a new one with tags from them I recommend you avoid like the plague.
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Tomato Sunshine is the only place near the beaches that carry farm fresh produce. All manner of fruits and vegetables are available. For those looking for lawn decor Tomato Sunshine has many ideas, options, and items for you to choose from. Rather hard to get to during the summer traffic but well worth the effort. The selection is excellent and the freshness and ripeness of their products is far superior to any store bought item. Take a U-Turn just prior to going into Rehoboth Beach, near CVS, and stay on the right going north on RT1. Just remember the far right lane is the bus lane.
• • •
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The best place in Lewes or Rehoboth Beach for your liquors and spirits.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago
Located in Milton,Delaware, this is one of the best Chinese food places around. Well worth the trip.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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10 reviews
A wonderful place for senior care.
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Two locations for USPS in Lewes. Main office handles calls but the sort and delivery is here (to my understanding). Seem to not get my address and delivery right. Neighbors end up with my stuff and other items go missing. No one answers calls at night. No means to leave recorded message. No e-mail address to go directly to them. Online customer support for USPS takes their time and only refers you back to the main Lewes office.
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reviewed 2 years ago
The best place in Lewes for Ice Cream in all its various forms. Classic Dairy Queen. Enclosed ordering area (air conditioned). Only feet from Lewes Beach and at a nice crossroads when you want to just drop in for some quick ice cream and head out via Kings Highway. Or enjoy driving down historic Lewes. Just remember to bring lots of cash if you are wanting to get the premium items for your entire family.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago