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Harry Myhre
Since April 2016 I have been taking all my pictures with an LG Nexus 5g.
Since April 2016 I have been taking all my pictures with an LG Nexus 5g.

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Steve Wozniak taught us,
Technology advances are better accomplished via software vs hardware.

What made me think of this? The moto mods system. It's a great idea, but it all happens begs in the connectors and every mod must match the size of the phone.

Why can't Motorola (or any hardware company any) do the same thing using a private mesh network? Mesh network technology is at least twelve years old.

The mods could be any shape. Seems like it would make a lot more sense and be a longer lasting ecosystem. 

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+Julie Wills
Mains ac power socket at Starbucks under a long bench. They also have a USB socket available.


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Food and fresh fruit waters always fresh and 100% natural (best I can translate it)

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(Idea lifted from today's Wall Street journal article)

In the year 2027 will we still be carrying a black slab phone?
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Re charging phones in mcdonalds, Starbucks.

Had a conversation with mcdonalds employee.
No more mains charging allowed. Customers trip over the cords and knock their heads on the tables and chairs.

So yes, wireless charging needs to advance. Because customers expect

1) free wifi
2) some kind of mains charging. (110 volts for my usa friends). Why should a user need to drag around a wall charger and cable wherever they go?

Apple podcasts app

What does the "sync podcasts" option mean?

Sync with all my iOS devices?

Going all in with IOS and eliminating as many google apps as I can. 

Here's another HUGE problem with android.
My friend uses outlook mobile on android.
He is trying to save a photo from an email to his android phone.

1) long press on photo. No save.
2) there are no menu options for save

Who does he turn to?

Verizon doesn't care. It's an outlook issue.
Google doesn't care. They will say "use Gmail".
Microsoft sends you to a web page.


iPhone users can make a trip to the Genius Bar at their local Apple Store. I know there might not be a store in every town. But there are more apple stores than Microsoft stores. 

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I binged watched all of these episodes last summer before my British isles cruise. She definitely has a style. For history lovers.

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Great analysis by an excellent musicologist who really knows his stuff. He would demonstrate the chord progressions and do variations.

Hopefully this is viewable outside of the USA. 
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