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Harry Mallin
Bureaucrat by day, Electic Motorcycle evangelist by night.
Bureaucrat by day, Electic Motorcycle evangelist by night.

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Just my daughter's latest music video. My favorite song ("Most Folks"} off her EP ("Persistence of Vision"}. Would love to hear your impressions.

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+Rachel Mallin's EP showed up on Spotify today!

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Sorry I'm late.   #happydogday  or whatever it's called. 

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My daughter's first EP on SoundCloud right now. Maybe I'm biased, but I think it's amazing. Every word, every sound, written, played, engineered and produced by her.

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Had breakfast yesterday with Troy Rank who is attempting to set a Guinness record for miles on a motorized bicycle. His bike is electric. You can follow him on Twitter (grindz145) and his website . Right now, he's about 80 miles east of the Missouri Illinois border, heading toward his home in Rochester, New York.
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Kansas City folks: My daughter's band will be playing at Czar Bar 8/8/14. Hope to see you there!

Come on, +Missouri Credit Union, been waiting almost an hour for the one and only customer service person you have here on a Saturday. 

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Something in the air tonight, and it's not exhaust fumes from a V-twin.
NEW Harley-Davidson Project Livewire All-Electric Motorcycle

More photos and information :

This just in...

Harley-Davidson has shown exclusive inside video of a new and upcoming motorcycle called "Project Livewire" which involves a new all-electric concept motorcycle based on what appears to be a Mini-Vrod / Rocker / Street cross-breed. With no-pipes and no "potato-potato-potato" sound either. Also appears to use a dual-clutch transmission.

- Harley-Davidson Project Live Wire (Was called Project Lightning)
- All new electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle
- No exhaust
- No Sound
- At least a dual clutch
- Good torque / Horsepower rating
- Cross between a V-Rod, Rocker and Street look
- Naked bike
Going on tour tomorrow so it's been successfully kept super secret.


"Harley-Davidson will publically reveal details about a project that will inspire riders and non-riders alike to engage with Harley-Davidson and view the brand in a while new light. Today is your opportunity to learn about this project."

I do have some photos, however, to respect the release date I can't release them for another few hours. But it's an interesting looking motorcycle, more akin to a Ducati than a Harley-Davidson in design, with mirrors taken from the V-Rod Muscle and a rear fender just like the new Ducati's. Even has a "silver" looking "triple type engine".

More information to follow when available.

#Livewire   #electricmotorcycle   #totalmotorcycle  +Total Motorcycle 

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Wyatt, resting on my chest after being so excited about seeing me after four days.
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