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Where my interest in G+ on the iPhone keeps dying
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Yes. Also it periodically loses the authentication. Stops the auto sync abruptly.
Perhaps they're handling it with HTTP cookies which eventually expire
Never had that issue on my Android phone...may be that's the fault ^^
Then it looks like an iPhone or G+-iPhone-App issue
Same here. IF I take the time to finally post something and I'm greeted with this screen, that's when I close and forget about it.
My interest stops because all my friends are still on FB - though G+ I find so much better. If only they did an app that posted your comments on FB as well, that would enable a transition from FB to G+
+alexander bayliss on my profile is an example how you can share your g+ posts on fb. It's in German, if you need a translation, let me know. About the second part, the comments from FB to g+, I'm not sure if there is any solution so far. Maybe time will solve our problems and more ppl realize the benefits of g+
Very interesting post on Github re mobile auth Harry. Very interesting.
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