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How is super visa different from visitor’s visa?

Most visitors to Canada when they first enter may visit for up to six months. Visitors who wish to remain longer should apply for an extension, and pay another charge. With the parent and grandparent super visa, qualified parents and grandparents can visit family in Canada for up to two years and they don’t need to renew their status.

The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that gives a period up to 10 years for multiple entries. The key contrast is that the Super Visa permits a person to remain for up to two years on every entry into Canada; while a 10-year multiple entry visas would just have a status period for every entry of six months.

There are likewise particular prerequisites that you should meet to have the capacity to get a super visa. To be qualified for the super visa, candidates must be the parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizen. Dependants of parents and grandparents are not qualified for the super visa. Anyways, they can apply for a normal visitor visa. The Super Visa candidates should likewise be adjustable and admissible to Canada and meet some different conditions.

Visa officers consider a few elements before choosing whether a candidate is acceptable. Officers must trust the candidate is a bona fide visitor to Canada who will leave by decision toward the end of the visit. Among the things the officer may think and consider are mentioned in the following:

the individual's binds to his or her nation of origin
the motivation behind the visit
the individual's family and money related circumstance
the general financial and political dependability of the nation of origin
invitations from Canadian hosts
The parent or grandparent should likewise do the accompanying:

provide a letter promising monetary support from their child or grandchild in Canada who has a base pay or minimum income
prove that he or she has Canadian therapeutic protection or medical insurance for no less than one year to cover the time he or she will be in Canada
Complete successfully an immigration medicinal examination.
The Super Visa application can be considered in two entries; there are prerequisites on both the permanent resident or Canadian citizen who is welcoming or inviting and the candidate themselves. Both must meet certain prerequisites to be considered by the immigration officer.

Setting up the correct documentation, similar to a letter of welcome, will be essential to the application success, for example, there are many brokers who will help you get ready such documentation that is exceptionally adapted towards the specifics of your case while helping you incorporate a solid application. You can reach for additional data.

You can contact Munish mehan as he arranges Super Visa for people who better understands the value of a life insured estate.

You can reach him at

If you need any assistance, please be in touch with us., 587 718 8001

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