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Arizona Short Sale Law

If you're thinking about selling your home but owe more on your mortgage than its worth, a short sale may be possible. The first thing you need is a good Realtor familiar with the process. A lawyer can also help negotiate an acceptable agreement with your lender.


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Understanding the Remedy of Specific Performance - 

In addition to seeking monetary damages, sometimes a claimant can seek specific performance of another parties' obligations under a contract. In this blog post we discuss the remedy of specific performance in Arizona.

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Arizona Wrongful Termination Law

We have recently updated our website with detailed information about the firm's wrongful termination practice. Wrongful termination, also called wrongful firing or wrongful discharge, refers to legal actions claiming that an employer has wrongfully terminated an employee. In Arizona, which follows the legal doctrine commonly known as "employment at will," employers are generally free to fire employees with good reason or without any reason whatsoever, as long as the termination does not violate the terms of a written contract or run afoul of a specific state or federal law.

Despite the fact that employers are generally free to fire employees at will, however, wrongful termination claims may still arise when the employer's motivation for terminating an employee was unlawful. Because it can be difficult to determine what actions and motivations can give rise to a claim it is often worth consulting with an Arizona employment attorney to determine whether you might have a claim.

Wrongful termination claims in Arizona may arise out of a firing or constructive discharge motivated by retaliation for an employee who has reported and/or refused to endorse some wrongdoing by the employer. There are specific Arizona and federal statutes providing for whistleblower protections in many such cases, as well as catch-all provisions covering claims that may not fall under these specific laws. It is also illegal for an employer to terminate an employee based on the employee's membership in certain protected classes defined by State and federal laws, including such things as race, religion, age, sex, or disability.

Unfortunately, determination of whether a valid wrongful termination claim exists usually requires an analysis of all the facts and circumstances that led up to the firing. It is also important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any potential wrongful termination claim, along with the costs, and the risks, associated with bringing such a claim.

In order to determine your rights and understand your options, if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated you should consult with an experienced Arizona employment lawyer familiar with wrongful termination claims as soon as possible.

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Some may have noticed that our primary website url has changed to We've also completely redesigned and updated the site.

We did this for several reasons that I'm happy to discuss with anyone interested, but it shouldn't effect anyone. We've also updated our email addresses to reflect the new url, but all the prior links and addresses should forward to the new site and new addresses.

As part of this process we're also updated various pages and posts on the site and will post updates as that process progresses.

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More than you probably want to know about attorney Kevin Harper and the founding of Harper Law PLC.

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Check out the firm's revised and substantially improved internet presence at

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Arizona Landlord Tenant Law:

Disputes between landlords and tenants are so numerous that they sometimes seem to overwhelm the Arizona court system. Unfortunately, these disputes often cost both parties more money that it should and many problems can be avoided by simply taking the time to talk to a lawyer 

Arizona landlord tenant law is a specialized practice that is governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act or the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.  There are also statutory guidelines governing commercial landlords and tenants, though these are less comprehensive and do not provide the same protections afforded to residential tenants.

Many landlords are surprised to discover how difficult it can become to deal with a problem tenant, and tenants likewise fail to realize how few remedies they might have when a landlord fails to meet his or her obligations. Getting an experienced Arizona landlord tenant attorney, who understands the rights and obligations of both sides, can help you avoid significant problems later on.

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Arizona real estate law page updated with links to subtopics, including landlord tenant law, hoa law, foreclosure law, construction defect law, easement law and others.

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