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how can i build transistor induction heater?
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+Harout Bulbulian For Colpitts oscillators, no, but an easy start would be a ZVS flyback driver that is reconfigured for induction heating. With IRFP260Ms, I managed to heat up a thick nail enough to easily bend it with only 200W, but they're capable of more than double that.
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who can give me a list of all standard and gnu command line tools and programs?
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Richard Stallman?
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New Perspectives: Imagining a 4D World

Regardless of your scientific background (or lack thereof), the 4th dimension is very a difficult concept to grasp. To understand just how difficult it is to envision a world with a 4th spacial dimension, let's use a couple comparisons. First, imagine a color that doesn't currently exist. Next, try to come up with a way to explain how an everyday color looks (like blue, for example) to someone who can't see. Both of those things are pretty difficult, right? Well, we run into exactly the same problems when we try to imagine a 4th dimension to space. Even for those of us with the most powerful visual imaginations, trying to picture how a 4 dimensional object would look in a 3 dimensional world is impossible. Truly and utterly impossible.

However, math offers us a little assistance in this area:

Image Credit: LearnSomething
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Harout Bulbulian

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can i build Raspberry Pi by my self?
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+Harout Bulbulian But why do you want to? Where are you going to get the circuit board from? Even if you could do that, buying all the bits would most likely cost as much if not more than buying a ready-made Pi. I suspect, by the very fact you have to ask such a question, that you are probably too unfamiliar to electronics to understand the size of the task you'd be undertaking. It'd be like me, a complete mechanical no-hoper, saying could I buy all the parts to make a Range Rover. Possibly, technically, yes. Feasibly? Don't even bother.
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Harout Bulbulian

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hi nice work, but how do you know what is the working speed for the tesla turbine

Harout Bulbulian

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For all xperia geeks ;-) 
FreeXperia are custom versions of CyanogenMod built specifically for Xperia devices.
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Harout Bulbulian

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Herman, the world's biggest bunny

Follow ☛  +I'm Lovin' Animals ☚ for the most adorable animal pics!
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Harout Bulbulian

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                            ESTAÇÃO DAS FLORES !

"Primavera não é uma simples Estação de Flores, é muito mais, é um COLORIDO da ALMA ."
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Have him in circles
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