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Thinking of getting the grand kids, or great-grand kids a tablet this Christmas? At this price, you can buy every one of your grand kids a tablet and you'll be a hero. Is this the "best tablet you'll find"? Of course not. Will it be used and loved? You bet. Read the review and order a bunch of them before Christmas.
The 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet doesn't offer high-end specs or the latest apps, but it's the best way to put a wealth of multimedia content at your fingertips for an almost unbelievable $50 price.

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This view never gets old. Eleven floors up at Davis Court East. I can only imagine what the view must be like on the twenty-second floor.

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Laura, you're definitely in the running for any role that calls for perfectly shaped arms and no dialogue. Oh, if arms could talk.

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The first episode of the new season of Person of Interest required that we really pay close attention. This is a show that asks a lot from viewers. New elements and twists kick off Season 4. In the opening episode, "Panopticon", Harold is scared. Root, played by Amy Acker, has given special cell phones to Reese and Shaw with instructions to follow the instructions given by the calendar. These cell phones, we learn, are connected to "The Machine". We learn just how connected they are later in the episode with Reese and Shaw. Root is definitely running the show at the beginning of Season 4 for "The Machine". Other changes... Miss Shaw, played by Sarah Shahi, is now referred to as "Sameen", meaning "Precious, Expensive"? Of course, only the machine, offline for a time, could reach back over 100 years and select the old Interborough Rapid Transit Company underground subway system and introduce it as a new character in the series and Harold's new base of operations. Will we learn the exact location of Harold's new headquarters? Favorite line in Episode 1, spoken by Miss Shaw, was "If our friend has a plan, I'm not seeing it". Just then, at about the twelve minute mark a nearby payphone rings and we learn that Person of Interest's "The Machine" is back in operation, seemingly functioning independently. Couple of script girl misses in the first episode with some mis-matched actions. They should be fixed in subsequent episodes. Person of Interest Season 4 feels more like an expanding puzzle. The producers and writers know the end from the beginning. Looking forward to the ride. 

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Hey Marques, remember "I Before E, Except after C". Good job. We like your approach to technology. We really don't care all that much about your spelling. You do, though. Fix it.

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The image speaks for itself. Who knew a walk in the park could be so much fun?

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A must read for every Google Fanboy. Probably the best-balanced product review I've read on any Microsoft computer in a long time. Kevin's article, using a Fox News term, is definitely "Fair and Balanced". Kevin is not a Fanboy for any manufacturer, or corporation. That's why you must read the HP Stream column on Gigaom. Good job, Kevin!
Over the past few weeks I’ve been using the HP Stream 13 laptop I bought during the 2014 holiday season. The regular price is $229 but there was a special Christmas deal that reduced my price to $199. Even at the full price, this Windows 8.1 with Bing laptop is a solid value; particularly for students.…

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Actually, genius, "caveat emptor" applies to your purchase in China. How much did you spend on your Chinese computer? Perhaps we can take up a collection under the "CTL" banner and use your infinite scroll writing services to help small businesses grow their customer base. Obviously, you're toast.
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I spent about 1000 dollars.  But it came with Windows installed, Windows 8.
To buy Windows Pro is $200, so that's a 20% price bump to fix this.  Not fair or worth it, I think.
It's always a safe bet to lose yourself in service to others.
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Actually drove Route 66 in a '64 Sting Ray with Bob Cummings. Amazing!
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The negative review was written three years ago before the laundry changed hands. Blue Sky Wash & Dry is the best run, cleanest laundromat north of Beverly Hills. The attendants are totally helpful, especially Helen. The laundromat is kept spotless. Its safe for moms to bring their little kids. Helen likes to hold the small babies. There's a McDonalds across the parking lot. A FoodCo next door and an atmosphere that is friendly. When you have a question, or need help, with anything, its there. The machines all work. Blue Sky also offers to do your laundry for you and have it waiting when you return, nicely folded. In a hurry? Want to shop and not mess with laundry? Let Blue Sky Wash and Dry handle your laundry.
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