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A very happy Vaisakhi to all! :)

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Shame on BBC News for such a tabloid title!
Google X - staff encouraged to think of "science fiction-sounding solutions" & rewarded even if they fail

The headline on the BBC site, "Secret Google lab 'rewards failure'" is completely disingenuous. They reward innovative thinking, regardless of outcome :
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You've hit the nail on its head +Lawrence Scott!

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Follow the white rabbit straight to Tha Euro-Matrix party!

Where its happening?
In a virtual nightclub called mixify, You can access the room from my event page

Walk-in prizes?
The minute you step in the club, ill give you Tha Matrix icon pack under the form of a discount code to apply at checkout when you get it from my website

This is live, so FYI  if the event suddenly concludes on its own. (or my pc crash under the awesomeness)  I usually end up making a new event right away, and 15 minutes later I'm back at it without any problems. Your grown ups, you'll find me again right?

This party was funded by all the tippers from the new year party we had a while back. Expect all tips from this event to go towards... Yes.. another even bigger party so yeah...

Using a browser to get in the club:
Using android mobile? get the app, easy:
Using a iPhone? ok... here:

Party mode or go home. 
Tha Euro-Matrix party!
Fri, January 10, 5:30 PM


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At last it's time! \o/

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Happy New Year folks!

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Looks promising.
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+Ian Ray I am not sure what the Book Of Mormon has to say about ChromeOS. Are they strictly forbidden to indulge?
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On any given Friday! ;-) 

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Think I'll opt out of this one...
This is for UK people or those who have relatives in the UK. 

I just learned that the NHS are planning on sharing our medial records. 

The official info about it is here:

A friend has shared a link on FB which puts some of the statements made in the official information pack in to question:  (a non-commercial website written by GPs belownging to the Oaklands Practice in Yateley.  I don't know these GPs personally, but this website has links to it from the official Yateley GP website, so I'm inclined to believe it.)

Shockingly there are a huge list of things you need to be aware of, but most importantly is that it's opt out, not opt in - if you don't do anything your personal medical records will be shared :

- It is a myth that your data will be anonymised - it will not. You cannot object to your NHS information being shared in an anonymised way. That's why there are two opt-outs from - because your data will not be anonymised or de-identified before it is extracted and uploaded from your GP records, and can and will be released in an indentifiable form to organisations
- Sensitive and identifiable information is going be extracted from your GP records and uploaded to Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) databases
- Sensitive and identifiable information has already been extracted, and will continue to be extracted from your hospital records and uploaded to HSCIC databases
- You will not be asked for your permission before these extractions take place
- The two sets of your information will be combined and subsequently released, in various forms, to organisations within and outside of the NHS, for the purposes of administration, healthcare planning and research
- The information is not going to be available to doctors and nurses, and so will not be used to provide direct medical care
- The HSCIC will keep your uploaded information indefinitely - it will never be deleted, but continuously added to
- Your GP surgery cannot stop this extraction - but you, as an individual, can
- is voluntary - you are under no obligation to allow your records to be processed in this way, and you have the right to opt-out of this data mining
- You can prevent the extraction of identifiable data from your GP records by asking your GP surgery to put a special code in your GP records
- You can prevent the release of your identifiable data from the HSCIC by asking your GP surgery to put an additional special code in your GP records
- You cannot prevent the HSCIC from releasing information about you in anonymised, aggregated or pseudonymised formats (to ensure that, you must prevent the HSCIC from obtaining your information in the first place, by opting out now)
- If you opt-out of (now), you can opt back in at any time in the future
- is not the same as the Summary Care Record - opting out of one does not mean that you have automatically opted out of the other

There are ways detailed on the site which allow you to opt out.

If you live in the UK, make five minutes and go and have a read.

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Police have released images of five men they want to speak to in connection with an attack on a train passenger who stepped in to stop a lone woman from being harassed.
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