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Posted to the forums, potentially a dice solution from +Impact Miniatures 

We were able to talk to Mr. Goodman at Gen Con 2013 in August and we have tentative approval now to work on creating an official DCC dice set.

We are getting the quote request back from the manufacturer as we need to order about 100,000 dice in order to make a minimum order of these matched color sets in 8 different colors and reasonable sizes (the largest die is only 26mm diameter). The sets will be 14 dice sets and have in them (D3 (D6 numbered with roman numerals), D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D%10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24 and D30).

We are even getting a quote if we overfund to be able to make the sets in translucent (ie gem) colors as well.

Current plan... we hope to launch the KickStarter to fund the sets in early January. 

I've been very excited about getting this project to become a reality and look forward to announcing it early next year.

Tom Anders @ Impact! Miniatures
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Count me in! I'm really impressed with the d5, d7, and d14 I got from their booth at Gen Con. It'll be great having a matched set!
Man oh man have I been waiting for this KS. +Wayne Snyder hipped me to these guys at GenCon and they definitely produce a neat, affordable product. Very cool stuff. Looking forward to this one. 
I think all of us that were at GenCon must have stopped by the booth. 

I'm a dork, but if they could pull off gem dice that'd be so sweet. 
I'd be up for this... consider me kickstarted.
I adore the d18 I got from them at Gen Con, and have already incorporated it into the dice chain! 
My dice set is from Impact. I'm really pleased with them.
I've never contributed to a KS before, but I will this one. Count me in. 
I am particularly in for the translucents. (Duh.)
I love my Impact dice that I got at GenCon. I still have them in the special DCC dice bag.

Where do I sign up for them to take my money?
Oh wow, this is excellent news! 

If they Kickstarter this, I imagine it will pretty much be funded instantly. 
we need to inundate impact with pro-dcc mail
If only we could convince them to make a non-cube d3...
I'll get them but I find their d3 disappointing. Still if that is my biggest complaint...
Make sure they do a full run, including any weird dice that aren't in the original DCC chain. :)
d18 for people with an 18 AGI dual wielding!
Black dice with gold numbers!!! DCC skull for a 1 on a d20! 
I agree that +Impact Miniatures should make the dice which +Clint Egger proposes. 

They sound like something some of us suggested a couple of years ago on the GG forums. They would be perfect for this game.
+Doug Keester, I was one of those cats that suggested it. I had the black/gold idea, but someone else came up with the DCC skull idea. I don't remember who, but the idea of the skull as a 1 on a d20 is brilliant, not to mention appropriate. 
From the previous Impact Dice Kickstarter, sent out today:

"Hi dice backers,

We just wanted to hope that everyone has a great holiday season and let you know what is happening with Impact!'s next dice project that we promised would be coming to KickStarter soon.

Today we sent off prototypes of several dice to our manufacturer to get quotes for how much we'll need to fund our next project.  We also requested information on the cost of up to 7 Stretch Goals so we have options in case we do well with our next dice creation effort.

At Gen Con 2013, we were able to meet with Mr. Goodman of Goodman Games who has created the game Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) which is a very fun old school fantasy based RPG.  It is a great system.   He has agreed to allow Impact! to create DCC dice sets with his blessing which we are very happy to now be working on.   Mr. Goodman has been excellent to communicate with over the few months since Gen Con and we are working to make sure we create a quality set for his game.

For those of you who do not know, the DCC dice set is an extended RPG set.  The dice in it are:  D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24 and D30.  In addition Mr. Goodman requested we add a D%10 to the set.   So in order to make sure we have fully color matched sets with our next KickStarter we will be funding creating our own D3, D5, D16, D24 and D30.   This will allow us to create full DCC sets color matched and at affordable prices.

For those of you that use step even mechanics with games ... this also means we'll be able to sell a full 11 die even set from D4 to D24 if we fund (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D22 and D24)

The plan is currently for the KickStarter is to have the DCC 14, just the DCC special 7 and the Even 11 available as sets for the KickStarter in the 8 colors we did with the D14/D18 KickStarter as well as having all the dice available individually if you just want to pick up specific shapes or colors.

However we know everyone is busy with the holidays ... so we are going to postpone launching the KickStarter until early January 2014.   However we just wanted to give everyone an update so you knew what we were working on and our planned timing for it.

Tom @ Impact!"
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