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Oh yes! We made AN EPIC CREATION totalling OVER 75,000 calories!!! An architectural and culinary MASTERPIECE!!! Prepare for battle!!! LIKE/FAV on YouTube!!!
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Well... Now I'm hungry. ;)

2 hrs till lunchtime... :(
Awww man Harley you guys should come to Nova Scotia and have a EMT style wedding bbq esp for our wedding next month we love u guys
Why would you not use the coliseum for chicken fights...
you guys should do something with Jack In The Box Tacos lol
I think it's about time you make fast food stir fry P.S you guys are 100% awesome
What's become of MusclesGlasses?
hey Jenson try playing the Epic Meal Time theme on an electric guitar
it would be cool if I could make colossal sloppy joes in a few seconds because that would be what you would call the largest pig out in the world
Harley If this is really you then make my internet F'en day and reply to this saying anything Sauce Boss style!
Well Harley if I were you I would try to make colossal sloppy joes if you would like to be awesome make sure it has more bacon than any of your other meals so that will be a great deal for you
hey Noah you should just try making a hamburger with bacon and no more nasty comments about me
if you leave too many nasty comments Google will delete your account
example of good comment:
that's awesome dude
that's an example of a good comment
do you mean the end of the fast food Chinese food episode with the joke that Harley Morenstein makes at the end
I'd like to see the duality of making something really girly EMT style... So when are you guys going to make a bacon Bieber?

..just sayin.
awesome work Harley we just got a apron that says we mash taters like we mash haters and I can't help wear it every Sunday when I make a bacon weave you guys rock!
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