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Looks like I've lost my iPod. Although it really sucks losing a $200 device; I'm probably better off without the proprietary, locked-down nature of it. What I'm not over is the fact that it's got a bunch of not-yet-backed-up vacation photos and access to my social network accounts. 
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I'm not trying to brag, but it IS nice having an Android phone that backs things up in the cloud. - May you find a couple hundred bucks and or a Andorid tablet soon...
We could use a 3-4 inch android MP 3 player thingy....
I do have an Android phone, +Randy Noseworthy. I just got the iPod + an older one cheap from my daughter's friend. I like the Camera+ app and my battery was almost dead in my phone, which is why I got it out today.
I don't use the cloud to back my photos up from my phone anyway.
That is interesting, Ivan. Doesn't help me now though ;-)
I use prey for android and my laptop
Btw, time to turn on photos/video upload on your android.
Meh, I back up the photos on my phone pretty regularly. I would on the iPod if Apple would quit being babies and let me just transfer my data over a regular usb connection ;-)

+Andrew Champ is prey the one that you showed me on your phone?
Also, I'm usually pretty obsessive about keeping track of my devices; but with all the death I've dealt with over the past week, I'm a bit off atm
You can set conditions to upload like only when on WiFi and charging
And if one doesn't like G+, there is Sugarsyc, or Evernote, or.... Any number of things to do so you're not wishing you had it done automatically. - It's just preventative measures so you're not wishing what you're wishing now about the ipod.
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