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21 minutes uses 11% charge. no video watched, no massive processing power used. checked email and the weather. continuing +Galaxy Nexus #fail by +Verizon Wireless. finally done with enough travel where I can chat with +Verizon Wireless Customer Support to see about getting a different unit or device altogether. having gone through 3 now, I've been more than patient.

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Do you have a list of apps taking CPU and network?
+James Salsman is there "an app for that"? wheni look at the battery stats- screen is taking up 67% (yes i have it on auto adjust brightness and it is not close to turned up though i will admit the screen gets unusally hot in the middle right (vertical) quadrant) i tap to toggle icons and i don't see any other apps running besides gmail.
i've become such a battery miser that besides traveling with a spare, i've essentially turned this device into a wifi only when possible, and leave in airplane mode for hours at a time, and only connect it to the network when i really really need to see something. its ridiculous. but this was the last straw- 20 minutes can't cost me this much.  +Kempton Lam i just think that while ics seems to work fine, this first rollout with samsung was a hardware disaster for me. perhaps they'll do better next time. meanwhile i'm all ears on what a good battery performing ics phone is- or i'll wait till I5 and begrudgingly give-in to the fruity cult
+Hari Sreenivasan Typing from my FruityBook Pro :), I just can't give in to the Fruity walled garden (that is the Apple Apps store for my phone apps).
Anyway, I am at a Conference in Banff Canada and I bought myself a myCharge 6000mAh unit and it has been performing well so far (day one use) as it charge up my GN to 100% will lots to spare. (the stock Samsung GN battery is only rated at 1750mAh). I don't know if the myCharge works well in long term or if I will see problem later but here is a link in case you want to do more research and find other reviews online,
+Hari Sreenivasan The three  #fail  Galaxy Nexus you had to return, did you experience any random shutdowns (the phone just turned itself off)? Mine randomly shut itself down for a few times in the last couple of weeks. I must have had like close to 10 random shutdowns in the last few months now.
+Kempton Lam i had a few but not that close together. my shutdowns showed me the green O D I N screen- where it was the green robot- and then the phone just totally locked up - nothing worked- taking out the battery was the only option- which given the not-so-fast bootup for the phone was a total waste of time. the latest replacement seems to be holding up. Now i hear that apple's lawsuit will downgrade or disintegrate in-phone search... the gnIII is already out- there is such intense fragmentation in which OS people perceive android through and oh yeah- this google branded samsung was NOT ready for primetime even after we waited and waited and waited. next phone i get - i'll let the market sort out the bugs, and jump in when everything is working... worst case- it'll be the i5. 
Thanks +Hari Sreenivasan. Thinking back, for a few of those random shutdowns, the only way to turn the phone on again were to take out the battery and then put the battery back to power up.
By the way, did you get a chance to try the myCharge 6000 for your traveling need? The manufacturer was supposed to have a new model since April (which I havne't seen) and the new model comes with a built in wall charger.
not yet +Kempton Lam , partly because i've been so soured by this experience i feel less of an urge to invest in more infrastructure for it.- i'm just trying to be more vigilant about setting the screen on auto brightness- which generally always seems to default to 50% or higher
+Hari Sreenivasan  Totally understand with not investing more infrastructure for it. By the time a new phone comes out, they may have different connections, etc.
When you exchanged the phones (3 of them), did you have to do it through Samsung or was it via Verizon's Customer Support? I am thinking I should deal with the random shutdown problem before my warranty expire. Was it a big hassle to transfer your phone's data and clear its content when you exchanged the phones?
+Kempton Lam if you've paid for insurance- this is exactly what it is for.  the guys in the cell phone replacement business- are some of the fastest i have ever dealt with. my dealings were all with vzw- the phone practically tears the space time continuum to get to you before you even ordered it. i would totally keep replacing units till you are happy. that's what you pay the 10 bucks a month for (and if you're like me- what you've been paying that fee for over a long period of time) 
+Hari Sreenivasan I'm guessing you leave adaptive contrast on under camera lights and outside a lot. If I was in your line of work I'd get a couple spare batteries and the insurance plan.
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