Through a project with Student Reporting Labs at +PBS NewsHour  I had the chance to "hangout" recently with groups of high school students around the country and listen to them on the topic of #guns . Considering how there is so much talk about making #schools  safer and protecting students, we figured it might be worth including those students as the national conversation swirls around them, and often passes them by. 

We had two half hour chats and below is a distilled 5 minute version that ran on our broadcast last night. It was part of the special week of  +PBS programming called #AfterNewtown  which included documentaries and reports from +Miles O'Brien  for NOVA and reporters from the +Hartford Courant for +FRONTLINE 

A special thank you to the teachers and students involved for their patience and willingness to try a relatively new technology but also for being willing to participate in this conversation. We hope you benefited from participating, I think our audience certainly did from hearing your voices. 

Please do SHARE if you think other   #students  or #teachers  may benefit from seeing this conversation.

If you'd like to see the raw youtube videos of the entire conversations they are at and

Technical stuff:
There was a tremendous amount of editing magic and hard work involved on the part of the schools and the students to make the finished product look so good. 

For you folks who are #hangout  /  #hangoutsonair  aficionados we had each school record their students on their own cameras, ftp each of the videos back to us, and +Leah Clapman and +Thaisi Da Silva took all of them into an edit room to painstakingly re-cut. Its why the video looks as high res as it does (because while the conversation did happen across Google Hangout- the recordings we edited with were made on HD cameras).
Everywhere you don't see the "Google +" in the upper left- the footage is from a local record. Its a bit much to spell out to our audience and frankly most of them might not care how we got it to look good (usually folks just write when something is bad) but perhaps some of you have figured out some secret way to record hd hangouts and you'll drop your wisdom in the comments section. 

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