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@Harsh parishable press [  ] manages huge list of bad bots and user agents. you can copy there snippets of bad bots and user agents in your htaccess.

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 139

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Now, go for the last Nexus 4 we have. Conditions are easier to meet than ever. But remember: Share the game with your circles...

Congrats to last week's winner +Christian Fizia .

#askmilind  Hello Sir! i would like to know how small IT companies can approach governments ? In India we tend to see government employees make tenders to benefit big organizations that have very good connection with that employee. Generally i see tender terms are so much strict and crafted for specific company that it's impossible for a small company to work with government.

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That's how you do that :)
Now THAT is funny.
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Seems to be (mostly) accurate.
(found on FB, via +Shubham Gupta)

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Here is some Node punch!!!!
Building A Node.JS Server That Won’t Melt

In this Mozilla blog post, Lloyd Hilaiel reveals some tricks to manage traffic in your node.js server.

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+Google Chrome Developers +Google Chrome +Paul Irish 3 years and yet no response on bug I think this is available in Firefox 2 and IE6. I think Chrome Devs likes making it more accessible then any thing. but on this one i am clueless. :)

Finally +Yeoman Has Arrived. Welcome Abroad to the land of web development. :)

+Yeoman  Where are you? I am waiting for you :)
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