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Hardcore ASL
American Sign Language the Deaf Way!
American Sign Language the Deaf Way!

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Coming Soon: Janna's ASL Dance Videos! Have fun learning ASL by dancing in the streets along iconic NYC landmarks!

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In the world of disabilities, the Narcissistic Mother is investigated in "Mother Narcissus"

Fan mail is an important part of being online -- to inspire and resurrect without harm.

Always fight to be heard and considered. The brush-off nod must never be enough for the lively in you!

Human composition leaves its DNA in a language. Look for the cultural clues for understanding.

The cure for curiosity is knowledge. Listen, act, learn -- and above all -- remember!

Talent must never be sequestered. If you find something you like, pay to move forward with the proper divining!

Social Media can be a persnickety friend -- always in need of tending and forever hungry in the abyss!

Advocacy is both sweet and savory -- you must have a taste for the sour and the sugary -- or you will never last until the last bite.

Persistence of purpose is everything. Never accept "no." Always be polite. Never go away.
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