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22 Awesome Inventions That Never Took Off

It’s estimated that there are 4.8 million startups in the US alone. It’s no wonder then that the startup scene is so buzzing. Yet the concept of building a business based on one incredible disruptive idea is nothing new. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, there’s been a long history of inventors transforming society with a single successful concept, while making a ton of
money along the way

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32 Celebs Who Portrayed The Opposite Gender In Film Roles

1- Angelina Jolie As Evelyn Salt/Natasha Chenkova – “SALT”
2- Robin Williams As Mrs. Doubtfire – “MRS. DOUBTFIRE”
3-Neil patrick harris as hedwig robinson in the broadway adaptation of “hedwig and the angry inch”
4- Johnny depp as bon bon/lt. victor – “before night falls”
5- Glenn close as albert nobbs – “albert nobbs”
6- Gael garcia bernal as zahara – “bad education”
7- Nathan lane as albert – “the birdcage”
8- Willem dafoe as paul smecker – “the boondock saints”
9- Hilary swank as brandon teena – “boys don’t cry”
10- Cillian murphy as patricia “kitten” braden – “breakfast on pluto”
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11 Strange Body Parts and Their Surprising Purposes

Some parts of our body get more credit than others. Read up on the fascinating bits you’ve never considered.

1- Uvula
2- Eyebrows
3- Armpit hair
4- Men’s nipples
5- Tonsils
6- Fingernails
7- Appendix
8- Wisdom teeth
9- Arrector Pili
10- Sinuses
11- Gall bladder

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25 Of The Oldest Objects Ever Discovered

From flushable toilets, chewing gum and oldest written recipe, these are the world’s oldest examples of everyday things. Many of these things may have even existed earlier. Really amazing to still see these things today. Enjoy!

1- Oldest Globe (510 years old)
2- Oldest Socks (1,500 years old)
3- Oldest Written Recipe (5,000 years old)
4- Oldest Sunglasses (800 years old)
5- Oldest Sculpture Of A Human Form (35,000 – 40,000 years old)

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