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LD 1800 (Lithium Densifier) Sealer

Concrete Densifiers help seal masonry, concrete, and other Portland cement based materials into a mass that is solid, rather than porous. Its penetrating quality provides deep sealing that is effective for the life of the concrete. This creates a floor surface that will be easy to clean and maintain. Concrete densifier’s chemical densifying action hardens and strengthens within the concrete mass, protecting against deterioration. This densifying action produces a floor that is resistant to traffic. Rather than eroding, the floor surface actually self polishes

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 Expose the aggregate.
As an alternative to stamped or coloured concrete, you can achieve spectacular effects at a reasonable cost with an exposed-aggregate finish. Many types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve unlimited colour and texture variations. Exposed aggregate also contrasts beautifully with plain concrete or other decorative treatments such as stamping, staining, and integral colouring. For concrete entryways, an exposed-aggregate finish offers additional benefits by providing a safe, nonskid surface that resists heavy foot traffic.

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SureSpray is a Thin Overlay - is a single component, (just add water) trowelable or sprayable, cementitious coating for texturing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. SureSpray delivers a multitude of textures from: trowel down, wet bubble, stencil patterns, euro-stone, bubble texture, etc… Each design contributes to a non skid cementitious surface. Typical areas of application include pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways for both residential and commercial projects. SureSpray is formulated to provide excellent bonding to new as well as existing concrete surfaces including freeze thaw climates.

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Protect and Enhance your driveway, stamped patio, exposed aggregate, or concrete patio. Clean Surface and apply sealer with a paint roller. Perfect for do-it-yourself projectsHigh Performance, Waterproofing, UV Protection and Low VOC

Sealer Kit Contains:
5 Gallons of SureCrete SureSeal HS-Sealers (semi-gloss or high-gloss) this is a penetrating outdoor sealer
9 1/2" Roller Sleeve and Roller Cage
5' Extension Pole
FREE Sealer Anti-Slip

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19 features and benefits of Roadware Concrete Mender™

Permanent repair - doesn't pop out
Cures in ten minutes for traffic or coating
Quick and easy surface preparation - no saw cuts necessary
No minimum or maximum depth restrictions
Low installed cost vs. alternatives
Cures in temperatures down to -20° F
Bonds to concrete, masonry, steel & wood
Compatible with all floor coatings
Moisture tolerant
No shrinkage - 6% elongation
Excellent chemical resistance
Extremely thin - low surface tension
Cure stops at 4500 psi
Dynamic load transfer
May be used as a coating
May be painted
Grinds well
Trowelable when mixed with sand
Resealable tubes - not pot mixed - eliminates waste

Q&A About Concrete: Patio & Driveway Sealer
Q) Does weather make a difference in the sealcoating process?
A) Yes!! If it has rained the previous evening or if the rain is in the forecast for the day scheduled for work I would strongly recommend rescheduling. I know this is an inconvenience, but dry pavement is important to proper curing of the sealant. If it rains during or immediately after work and drying of the sealcoast is adversely affected.
Q) How long does sealer have to be down before rain will damage it?
A) 4 to 8 Hours
Q) How soon until you can walk on a driveway after seal coating?
A) Generally 6-8 Hours
Q) How soon until you can drive on a driveway after seal coating?
A) Generally 24 hours
Q) My driveway is brand new, should it be sealed? If so, 
A) You can apply a cure & seal immediate once the bleed water is gone however cure & seal is like a "band-aid" temporary sealer! You will need to properly seal your driveway once it has been fully cured which is 28 days with a SureCrete HS-Series Penetrating Sealers .
Q) How often should I seal my driveway?
A) SureCrete HS-Series is a penetrating sealer, you can get a 3 year wear!

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Deep Texture Stamped Concrete - Stamp Overlay -SureStamp is a single component, (just add water) stampable cementitious coating, designed for beautifying both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. When stamped, it creates a texture that can resemble a whole array of stamp designs: tile, cut stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, etc. SureStamp offers concrete restoration, repair, resurfacing, architectural accenting and surface protection. SureStamp has Zero VOC’s and is designed to have excellent bond in freeze thaw climates.
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