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Previous post was supposed to have this picture attached. #failsatusingphoneappcorrectly

Saturday stroll, these guys are all over.

The Last One.

It still burns brightly, but it doesn't have much time left. I look into its glow and see it is about to burn out. The very last one.
This time I am sure, I'm outside now, and nothing has tempted me to abort my mission: Putting the last one out.
To late now anyway, my will is the only thing holding this one lit. My ritual was a success, everything in the darkness is eaten. 
Now I will extinguish the last light in the Universe.

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Some posts ago I pondered about Wonderland done in Fate Core, here are my first thoughts on the two Extras that are obviously needed.
Wonderland Mastery, without the four task description; and
Notice which is slightly less developed, repercussion vise.
Any thoughts?

I recently got (re)Infected by Wonderland, and I'll just crawl back into my mirror if no one has a clue (google JAGS Wonderland).
Anyway, since I also just read most of Fate Core, the possibility of doing a Fate Wonderland came to mind, maybe even by post here.

Two things to ponder came to mind:
Should survival traits be part of one of the aspects (my current thinking)
And should Wonderland mastery be a separate skill or tucked in as a stunt to some relevant skill (which I do not like at the moment)

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Since this is my favorite browser

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Which is why in my home the toilet seat and lid are down, always.

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Recently I got: "The Japanese Grill", which conveniently is about grilling, Japanese style, Yakitori included.
Earlier this week I made my first tare. With some modifications, without any Sake in reach I used Whey (mysa) and Barley syrup for the packed brown sugar.
Along with the usual suspects: soy, chicken stock and browned bones of a chicken carcass, as if using chicken stock was not enough.

Tested the result on the (gas)grill with chicken wings, needless to way they were delicious. Remaining tare is now safely back in the fridge, ready for the next round of Yaketori.

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Cooked the following recipe along with roasted bell peppers. So good it almost convinced me to become a vegetarian.

Last weekend I dug up my bread maker and made buns from the attached link. A recipe from +King Arthur Flour , with those quickly consumed I also did a cinnamon version, good stuff. Filling used was demerera sugar, butter and cinnamon.

No pictures since that would have taken time away from actually eating them.

Recipe link:
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