Times when I make players roll for encounters during travel

- whenever they explicitly try to find someone or something
- whenever they do something that might attract or wake or spook things
- once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once at night
- whenever they cross from one "domain" into the other (i.e. from woodland into civilization, from dry tunnels to one that sport a lake or river)
- when they get lost in discussions about what to do so much that I get bored

This seems enough to keep the players on their toes and to convey a sense of a living, thriving world. Since chance of encounter is only 1-in-6, often enough nothing happens. For a 2, I often drop hints about what is around, sometimes I take two results from the encounter table and combine them, sometimes the result from an encounter table only will be obvious later in the game. Monsters that are not vat grown but have a normal life cycle also have a chance to appear in families, hence baby giant centipedes and bearowl babies. Love finds a way ...

Now, tell me how I could improve on this!
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