Funny anecdote from my recent bike trip from Montreal to Toronto:

So I'm pedaling along the Waterfront Trail, I think somewhere near Oshawa, and spot this sign. "What a hilarious case of unnecessary quotation marks," methinks, and I stop to retrieve the camera from my saddle bag. While I'm taking the picture, a man walking his dog whom I just passed mumbles something in my direction. I don't quite understand what he's saying but after a second of processing I believe it's something along the lines of "You're the first cyclist I've ever actually seen getting off his bike here."

Now admittedly, since the sign addressed "'cyclists,'" and I very clearly am a "cyclist" I had no intention of walking my bike. In order to not disappoint dude-with-dog's image of cyclists (or "cyclists"?) in general and me in particular I did, however, walk my bike around the next bend where I could no longer be seen "cycling" through the walkway.
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