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The new happytodos is here -

The new happytodos is here
So much more then before

Completely re-imagined from the ground up

Take the challenge out of project management
React to project schedule changes within minutes, across resources & projects. Collaborate with teams, share files, report time.

Focus on most important tasks
Happytodos presents a completely redesigned Dashboard that serves as your daily planner.
At any given moment, your Dashboard presents you a list of the “Top Priority Tasks” in your pipeline, and makes sure you have at least 12 hours worth of work items on display.
Never feel overwhelmed again by hundreds of things to do, focus only on what’s important to your organization right now.

Make quick decisions and recognize project’s critical paths easily
We have crunched the numbers for you and created a very concise display of the project status for you.
Get a quick visual on bulk of work completed, what’s currently in progress and what’s left to do. See how much time was spent on each part of the project and if any effort was saved or over budget.
Next to the project’s Due date, happytodos will always present actual estimated completion date based on current work load cross resource and cross project.
To give you a deeper insight into the performance of your team on the project, we have included a summary of efficiency of each team member.

React to project schedule changes within minutes
You can deal with any sudden change in business priorities by a simply drag & dropping projects and tasks.
Happytodos will automatically reschedule the work planning across resources and across projects.
The system will automatically display the changes for your team mates on their Dashboards.

Lets go!
Read more about what’s new in happytodos v3.0

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The new happytodos is here
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Focus On The Task At Hand - There are certain small and tiny issues in project management, which are overseen by most employee and project managers. These issues no doubt are very ordinary to be brought tonotice but at times can create and act as a major obstacle or blunder in the process of project management.
Modes that prevent the employees to focus on the task at hand
a.)    Common mistakes made by employees to take up any project that interest him without taking prior concern of the time and budget.
b.)    Spending enough or more time and budget than reasonably required on some projects.
c.)    Procrastinating-merely because one have imagined some task of a project to be too heavy enough to bear or handle the burden of initializing it.
d.)    Excitement as a new project manager or employees to kick off all task or projects in a go to show his capability as a first impression among team members.
e.)    Maybe your office has shifted to a new location or building with perfect infrastructure and your excitement to work there seem no bounds or.
f.)    Working till late at night, late night parties, late night sleep can hamper your next day plan/activities making you less productive and stress you to rethink again and again as where to start the day, causing you to lose hours.
Happytodos will help you to handle these situations
Basically happytodos is a web based online project collaboration application to leverage productivity and efficiency for teams and organizations in the process of project management, by simplifying the stressful work load and making it easier to complete in easy and user defined steps.
Help your employees to be in Focus On The Task At Hand - They also want it!
If you are working with happytodos, these issues are never an obstacle for you. Start each day afresh by logging in to happytodos, where you see the most important daily task for you to do – you see a list of “Top Priority Tasks”. No need of filtering or refining your list based on deadlines and time frames as happytodos automatically does that for you. Based on your project priorities, time frames and deadlines, everything is reset. After each project has been completed the next task appears in your dashboard based on priorities that you or your manager has set while creating the project. happytodos, also highlights the estimated time to complete it and with the clean calendar near you, you are almost being more productive and timely in dealing with your projects.
If you are again too productive naturally, there is nothing to worry about. happytodos does not limit your working hours as you can continue with other task besides completing the to-dos for the day. So, if you would love to see and analyze about yours assigned projects you also have the option to see a list view of all projects created. Also, you can manually put your time spent on each projects and create milestones as required.
But besides everything that it offers the main concept is to have fully focus on task at hand. Firstly, focus on a bunch of task that you have at hand right now, completed it and save hours for other projects. Sign up and start using happytodos.
happytodos will definitely make you happy to manage your projects.

Focus On The Task At Hand
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Employee Sign In Sheet - The use of project management software has increased efficiency of project based firms in a no of ways. Project management software has reduced many functions which were once seen as boring and lifeless task or activities to be managed by project managers and employees.
In fact those years since project management software application has been introduced and brought to use can be perceived as a major breakthrough in the field of project management. Advantage in one form or the other has surplus organizations to use these tools extensively to reduce much of workload that were created while planning, development, execution and delivery of projects.
One major obstacle that organizations and project managers faced in project management was managing their employees and make to each employee sign in sheet. For project based firms, managing employees to manage project was an obstacle in itself. Incorrect allocation of resources, miscommunication or scheduling conflicts were most common forms of errs that surfaced and derailed projects.
But through use of web based project management software’s these errors were easily resolved as these tools allowed constant coordination and communications through updates and notifications. Projects that were created mismatching the right skill set could be removed instantly or rescheduled within seconds by project managers.
How to make each Employee Sign In Sheet ?
Project management software now developed come with so many sophisticated features of usage and accessibility that tracking time of each employee spent on each projects, calculate the actual no of hours worked or overtime can be easily generated instantly through them.
In short, whether your employees are working part-time, full time or overtime, scheduling report of your entire staff has become just a matter of few clicks of your mouse. No matter where your employees are working from, keep track of them and their working 24 hours of the day, 7days a week, 365 days a year through use of project management software, like happytodos. Analyse reports, compare with actual hours work than scheduled using happytodos.
happytodos is well featured project management software to generate employees sign in sheet, schedules of employees working on no of projects and get real time reports on them. Sign up and start using happytodos.
Employee Sign In Sheet
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Frustrated Manager - Are you frustrated by some aspect of your job and not sure of what to do? Does a tight deadline, heavy workload, scary emails, messages or any ongoing updates from your client de-motivate you at work? Or is it just that switching over from task to task has made you less efficient and  productive? Are you frustrated manager ?
Just relax, because I see more reasons to smile, as I disclose here in this article the secret to project management success.
Project management is not a rocket science, it is tough at times, but only if not equipped with proper tools and techniques and a project work plan.
Frustrated Manager - What are the reasons
One very common mistake, that most project managers make while managing business project, is not using a project management tool. Yes, a web based project management tool serves the purpose of almost all project need. A proper web based project management tool forms the basis of project management to address the various issues of a project. And more specifically, when managers are taking care of no. of projects of around 20-30 at a time, it is a must have tool to schedule work in a proper way. So, make a note, first and foremost way to avoid frustration in project management is to choose a web based tool, user friendly and easy to use for all and yet productive at the same time.
Second, a communication gap between your employee’s and a team can contribute to a larger extent of your frustration. As a manager make sure that you keep effective communication with your team and maintain the updates and progress reports on a regular basis. This will ensure that work or projects under your control are on track and time.
Third, proper resources allocations and identifying the key skills set within the environment that you work is very important. Project risk and errors are unpredictable, so make sure that you share the right resource and right skill, at a right time. Also, always be prepared for the next big step. A project with the right resource and the right skill is always a success.
Fourthly, most managers don’t always think it necessary to share information and progress with their stakeholders. This is a blunder, which must be avoided by any means. A project manager must always maintain a healthy communication and update the progress report and direction of projects for review. This will make the work a whole lot easier rather than seeing their participation in the project as a headache. Always keep in mind to give your stakeholders, what they deserve, not what you deserve?
Last, understand your workload. Keep your focus. Focus on one thing-one project. Stop multitasking, stop switching over from task to task very quickly with a thought to reduce your workload. This will never work. Take up a specific task or project which is a priority and have lesser time to be completed and work on it properly. Keep your focus on it until it’s complete, never go or start off another one. The term “workload” very often is a result of jumping projects to projects without finding a suitable reason to procrastinate.
I am sure by this time there won’t be any pressure or frustration caused to you because of anything called heavy workload stuff after reading this.
Cloud-based project management tool for Frustrated Managers
Finally, I would like to conclude this short article by saying, don’t let something else set your day, start working with happytodos-A comprehensive web based project management tool. See just the prioritized task and focus on single task and stop to procrastinate. Cheers….! For your projects!
Frustrated Manager
Frustrated Manager
Frustrated Manager
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Why use a cloud-based project management tool, not desktop software? - With the advent of web-based applications such as Google Docs, Zoho, and others to replace desktop tools such as MS Project, Outlook and Excel, more and more companies are turning towards online – or “cloud-based” project management software solutions as well, instead of the desktop software they used to use.
Cloud based project management tools have several significant advantages over desktop software that make them cheaper, faster, and easier to upgrade.
No installation or updates
As the tool is web-based, there is no need to install any software, so even relatively light-duty PCs can use the tool. All that is required is an online connection and a browser. Not only that, but when the tools are upgraded, and new features released, there’s no cumbersome process, or disks and drivers that need to be updated – just log on to your tool, and the latest version is there for you to use!
It’s easier to manage outsourced teams
Many companies have already realised the value of outsourcing some of the more time-consuming elements of projects – but managing them has become a challenge. Different software and hardware mean different tools, different time zones means keeping the project up to date get harder – in short, with desktop software, there are plenty of issues that can creep in and delay the project. With web based project and time management software, everything is easier. All the teams see the same version, the project manager can update everyone on the fly, and people can see straight away what they need to do, regardless of their time zone or geographical location.
No Data Compromise
With desktop tools, you needed to maintain more than just the workspace and hardware for the tool itself, you also had to keep hardware to keep everything backed up. If there was a problem with your database, you would have to work very hard re-creating your projects on whatever project management software you were using. With cloud-based project management tools you don’t need to worry about being backed up – everything is backed up on the cloud on remote servers. In case of an emergency, all the data is restored in no time, so all your projects remain on track.
Cheaper or free for smaller teams
Another huge benefit for small companies, or start-ups who just finding their legs and managing their first project, HappyTODOs is completely free, with no limitations. You can manage as many projects as you like, and with as many members as you need to add. Have fun!
Sign up for 15-day trial
Why use a cloud-based project management tool, not desktop software?
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Real Time Project Management - Since project management has some crucial phases to undergo, it is necessary that time factor be taken seriously. Every project must be completed within budget and specified deadlines. A project undertaken without monitoring the time requirement and limit is just like sailing in a boat without oars. One cannot figure out which direction it is heading to and how long would it take to reach the other end.
So, project management process should be conceptualized with effective time management to get and deliver the ultimate end results.
If one keeps on ignoring to review the time spent on each task of a project and monitor how long an employee or a team is taking to complete the work, project management process would never give effective results. This is one reason why many project based organization fail to build a satisfied client base, ignoring the priority and other crucial factors of a project which varies with time.
Real time project management
Real time project management is about focusing on projects to be done on the basis of time. It’s more or less trying to monitor the project progress at the end of the day. How much of the project has been done? Who is working on what? And how long it would take to complete the entire project is well answered through real time project management tool. happytodos is one great example of real time project management tool that one must give a try.
Time tracking and creating reports is a challenge in project management process. If a tool fails to provide the significance of these features, it cannot be considered as a good project management tool. happytodos will help you create and run real time reports, help you calculate the estimated dates of completion as soon as you add task or projects.
Real time project management tool - happytodos
happytodos can be considered as a consistent real time project management tool for any project based organizations big or small as well as freelancers and other users looking for on line web based application, which functions and performs productively. Sign up to see the overall features and productivity of this tool.
Real Time Project Management
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Online Project Manager - Online Project Manager as part of the team
No matter how skilled employer or employees an organization has, the first essential thing to succeed in project management is through using the right resources, tools and techniques.
It is often observed that, many project based firms lack systematic approach to tackle various issues in project management besides having well qualified, potential and experienced intellectuals and employees.
Although effective project management mainly develops from effective communication and collaboration, but it is mostly seen that despite repeated attempts made by project managers and team leaders to constantly boost their employees in the process there seems to be an error or issues occurring in the whole process.
Besides, even now what can be seen very much into existence in some project based organizations is countless no of telephonic calls every day, bulk e-mails and constant reminders through word of mouth to employees about projects and task to complete. No doubt, there should be but if you think ahead of it in terms of better productivity and flexibility there are options to replace this phenomenon. And the perfect solution to this whole system is to opt for an online project manager.
Online Project Manager Tool
When talking about the former, don’t you think there are some problematic issues such as urgent based work need frequent call and what if one forget or misses the call? Or even if one receives the call; for various reasons such as unable to reach office at that particular time or not having the resource stored on his computer may abstain him from completing the work as required. This happens because the organization is lacking a common integrated platform to save all work and work related information in one place- An online project manager where all things needed can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
An online project manager will ensure full fledged transparency in the process of project management. The development, the progress of projects, all available and required resources can be seen and accessed by all members of the team involved in the process of project management. It doesn’t even matter where the person is working from, one has to just make it sure he does his part of work and update it on the application so that the system by itself can function to notify the other users about your progress done.
How many mails will your employee make each day? Perhaps to Cc, Bcc, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff, etc…multiple accounts just for a simple update to various team members. Are you not fed up? Take a break.
Shift to online project manager, which lessen much of your work and functions much like an automated virtual manager for all employees involved in the project.
Have full control over all projects, project cost, project time, project quality, project risk, and project based communication effectively through an online project manager-happytodos.
It will give you more convenience acting as an online facilitator by managing the entire project management working environment, communicating with employees with constant feedback on work submitted and scheduling much of the project task in easy and simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Sign up ans start using happytodos today.
Online Project Manager
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