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creating content canines & harmonious homes
creating content canines & harmonious homes


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Ava is truly a happy hound, reflecting all that we do and practise!

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The subscription box market for our canine companions has exploded in recent months! The lovely team at Barkbeats recently sent us a box to try and review.  We gave them 4½ paws out of 5!

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We're really proud to the 'ask the expert' for behaviour and training questions in Companion Dog World.  You can read the last edition online now!

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We love all dog breeds, but it's no secret that we have a huge soft spot for ex racing greyhounds.  Susan was recently interviewed for Dogs Monthly magazine and we have their permission to share the article!
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Some photos of puppies enjoying our classes
Pawfect Puppies and Happy Hounds
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Thought we'd share a quick video of Ava (Susan's puppy) to show that we 'practise what we preach' in class ;)

Recall is important for all dogs and when you begin training this exercise, you really need to ensure that you set your dog up for success. This means you need to:

• Decide what your recall cue is going to be (I like dog's name + cue)
• Minimise distractions
• Ensure it's safe to have your dog off lead (or use a long-line if in doubt)
• Make sure you have, and use, reinforcers that your dog really wants
• Keep the recall distance achievable (short recalls to begin with)
• When you call your dog, remember to keep your voice positive
• When your dog gets to you, pop 2 fingers under their collar BEFORE you give them their reinforcer (this helps prevent them running off and also gets them used to having their collar grabbed)
• Be generous with your reinforcers - whether food or games with toys - don't be stingy! Coming back when called is one of the most difficult things for our dogs to do as there's so much competing for their attention!

And finally.... remember to have FUN. All training should be seem like fun and games for you and your dog :D

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We're often asked what's in our treat pouch at training and why dogs like it so much.  Well, the answer is simple, it's home-made liver cake and here's the recipe!
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Ever wondered how and why we use food in dog training? We like to think of the food as our happy hounds' pay, rather than a reward or treat.  And, as in life, different jobs require different wages!   #dogs #dogtraining #dogtrainingtips  

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We're passionate about puppy play, but how can you make sure that it's appropriate and you're getting it right?  Our blog reveals more...
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