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Sorry for any inconvenience, however Happy Homebrewer will be closed today. We will be reopened as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience. I will be reachable through facebook and email throughout the day. We hope to be back to regular business as soon as possible.

Medical emergency with our son (buckling stomach pain) has forced us to close today. Possibly open tomorrow to make up for it. Apologize for the short notice, but will update when we know more. Duncan Blackman

We are closing up early tonight due to dangerous road conditions. Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a beverage by the fire. Hope to be back to regular hours tomorrow, weather dependent.

Happy Homebrewer is closed today, more for safety than anything else. A lot of small side roads (the owners included) haven't been plowed, the Sooke School District is closed for the day, and we are closing to encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe. Once our street is plowed and I can get to the shop, I will post an update, but we are closed at least for the morning of February 7th. Have a great, and safe, snow day!

We are open today although reminding everyone to be safe on the roads as they are really slick out. If you are uncomfortable driving in the snow you batches can always wait a few more days. Stay Safe!

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Has anybody ever told you a grape variety you like is "no good?" Dominick Profaci puts the Concord haters on notice.

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Help a local business recover from tragedy. Insurance helps but doesn't cover everything as we know all too well!

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How Wines Age | Wine Folly

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Fixing Common Mistakes: Tips from the Pros - WineMaker Magazine

Sorry again everyone - looks like I (Duncan) tried to return to work before the flu had finished its course and have relapsed. We will be closed again today due to the flu. I'm going back to bed so I can hopefully reopen on Tuesday for normal hours. Thanks for your patience and hopefully I will be back to full health, and regular hours next week.
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