From March 10 to April 30,
Exhibition Hall "Happy Art Museum" offers:
Juris Dimiters new retrospective exhibition of paintings & satirical social poster exhibition
Entertainment and shopping center "Galleria Riga"
Dzirnavu Street 67.5 Floor 12:00 to 20:00 seven days a week

March 10 opening of the exhibition will be held at 17.30
J.Dimiters, R.Razuma, G.Edelšteina rock guitar
Entertainment Marketing & arcade "Galleria Riga"
5th Floor Exhibition Hall "Happy Art Museum"
Free admission, preferably in "Black Tight", as "Galleria Riga"

Juris Dimiters is an outstanding poster artist of our time, a stage designer, a graphical artist, a representative of the Skulme dynasty of artists. In 1987 J. Dimiters was one of the 60 world best poster artists whose works were selected for the exhibition in Paris.
J. Dimiters’s posters have always bespoken his active stand for the individual’s rights of free and creative expression of one’s world outlook. One of the leading themes in J. Dimiters’s creative work, along with witty posters for the theatre, is the sharp social and political poster. The present exhibition offers J. Dimiters’s posters created from the his classical to the present day, the principal themes being power, politics, democracy, ecology and social relations in the modern world.
One of the most important values of his art is his skill in combining, in the manner of Post-modernism, various epochs and styles as well as political formations, thus conveying the presence of paradox and humour and discovering a new dimension for himself. The artist finds the very threads that link our past with our present and future, something that render J. Dimiters’s works accessible for all.
The collection of J. Dimiters’s posters is a cultural phenomenon with a new universal socially communicative function in a contrast to the stupefying propaganda of mass advertising.
Bob Dilan:"Money is the devil's manure"
HappyArt:"Money is the Bob's Dilan's manure"

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17:30-10.03-30.04Hall "HappyArt" Juris Dimiters paintings &

J.Dimiters&R.Razuma&Edelštein show"Love Story"@HappyArt@GalleriaRiga
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