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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...

Tips for : Healing time

Sometimes you don't know what you have, until it's gone.
Sometimes you don't know it's gone, until you have to.
Sometimes it takes you some time, to get through that, sometimes...
Some times it's faster because some times you find someone to help.

Thank you.

Cheery Poem of the week:

Spending more time
Trusting time more
Accepting and trying we...

Making more man
Woman's kindest love
Pushing space to see...

Accepting my less
Sleep now more
Your flame surrounding me...

...Starting to feel like I'm...

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!

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Happy Place

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Friday thought...

Tips for : Having faith

A ‘quite pretty’ princess sat in a high tower, she had everything but a partner.

Someone to love.

The whole kingdom knew she was ‘on the market’, and, so, many ‘ok’ princes tried to woo her… via email (ok, that breaks the historic-narrative with modern-slant, but I’ll continue).

She looked down on them as they passed, singing their ‘songs of love’. Their voice would crack or go out of tune once or twice, in frustration she turned from the window and the prince would recede…

...time passed, the results the same…

...One day a wandering man was passing, singing, in no way trying to impress, she heard the song and was awestruck by it…
...but the princess was so annoyed by the previous suitors singing that when she heard the vagabond she was so jaded that she ignored the hidden beauty in his song.

She never even came to the window to look.

Google search: "Oriah the invitation" - this pretty much sums up my sentiment on life.
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...

Tips for : Being a Vulture

It is a shame as there were 4 or 5 as I trained here, but only one left as I passed.

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday thought...

Tips for : Telling a Tall, Short, True Story

It is amazing how alluring a 'True Story' title is, and, of course, everything wrong with our trivialness…


Slightly Vitiated:


"This morning, I woke from troubled dreams, I found myself transformed in my bed into a horrible vermin. I lay on my armour-like back, and as I lifted my

head a little I could see my now brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. The bedding was hardly able to cover it and

seemed ready to slide off at any moment. My many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of me, waved about helplessly as I looked."



It really was quite disconcerting...


I wondered; “Which of my peccadillo’s fired God’s levity?




....….Does my cock still work?



Melancholy Poem of the week:



1915: Writing speculative; absurd fiction.

2015: My Sku'd environments and moving on.


When I made the promise I believed I could,

Solo: No misanthropy. Solo human, injured.


Looking in, who understands Metamorphosis anyway

....into the stratosphere to boohai.


Slamming doors was the next step,

I couldn't stay for that.


Symbolism? sometimes, rotting, pome.

Wake happy, nour aini, to come?


I think I loved you; Think I remember why.

No longer the orange of my eye?




Anything new on my endeavours blog?


Have a week!

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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...
Tips for : Irrizistibleness (my quite imperfect world)
I'm irrizistibubble, I can't help it.
If you cannot speak the language,
but try.
If you perfect eye contact,
because it's sexy.
If you are at least half a foot taller,
than most other humans in your environment.
If you have blue eyes when everyone else has brown.
If you walk confidently, maybe even turn heads.
You are 'that' different.
Everything has to be non-verbal in my world now,
and that changes you.
If you meet someone special.
Is clearly.... special....
but who does not meet "the spec",
lives on a different part of the planet,
a part 'too far away' from your own world.
When you see genuine sad eyes from telling them
that you will be gone in 5 weeks.
not to return.
Even without talking to them for any amount of time.
You just click.
What do you do next?
You make it clear that they shouldn't fall for you
because it will lead to certain heartbreak.
So I did just that...
...Post date you should feel a high, some sort of expectorant jubilation
 - but it was the opposite on this one....
Or once…

Poem of the week:
(Not mine this time, but the venerated 'Carpenters'...)
The hardest thing I've ever done is keep believing
There's someone in this crazy world for me
The way that people come and go through temporary lives
My chance could come and I might never know.
I used to say, "No promises, let's keep it simple"
But freedom only helps you say goodbye
It took a while for me to learn that nothin' comes for free
"The price I've paid is high enough for me"
I know I need to be in love
I know I've wasted too much time
I know I ask perfection of a quite imperfect world
And fool enough to think that's what I'll find

Anything new on my endeavours blog?
Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday thought...

Tips for : Surviving being human

As a strong man I like to spend my day in overly personal arguments with strangers on-line and sending them my oh-so-romantic dic-pics..., of course.
I can't think of a more masculine way to approach and 'chase' down women....

(Seriously though it does give us all a bad name, let me, right here, and right now, apologise for the entire male specie, we have no clue.
I suspect it is some conflicting issue between society expectation, 'reptilian' base-brain conflicting with Mammalian brain, an anti-dollop of
emotional intelligence and just a whole mess of childhood emotions).

AKA It's hard to be human in this stage of evolution.

Poem of the week:

Connected... All in the eyes.
pulling for friends first.
Stroke around your ears smile
Refreshing: Unusually Tactile

Connected...dual laugh echos
pushing past memories last
With Kiss-me commands.
Exciting: no hands.

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday thought...

Tips for : 'Leaps'

We watched the film ‘The theory of everything’; it is about the life of British Cosmologist and physicist-theorist Steven Hawking.

They got married with him having an estimated 2 years to live.

(At least in the dramatisation) Hawking’s father tried to talk her out of the relationship with his dying son, saying it was only going to get worse.

She defended herself.

She stuck by him.

I’ve talked to a lot of older married people lately and asked them what the secret is.

Communication and then trust are top and a 93 year old lady said having the same ‘careful with money’ attitude was the key with her partner, (who died some twenty years ago).

From those ‘mini-interviews’ I get a feeling that balance in a relationship can be good if one person focuses on the bigger picture and one on the details, along with ‘roles and responsibilities’ to prevent head-clashes. 
One on home and family; one on working and bringing in capital. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it.  Simple even...
One of the nicest empirical happenings lately was the husband came home after being away for two days. “I want to know everything” was his greeting.  Can you think of anything nicer, anyone more engaged with you?  Mated.

I think that sometimes getting to know someone is the easy bit, but then actually ‘knowing’ them is where the harder work kicks in.
But (like everything) I do think that as things settle down and the hard work becomes second nature, it is ultimately well worth the effort.

Differences are there to complement and make a relationship stronger, a person thinking of the future and one who lives day to day... Can work.  And work well.

Now....“What can I do to help?”

Lyrics of the week:
Egyptian Sunset (lyrics for a song I wrote and recorded in 1998)

I said what I said and you cried
Its deep within, but something that smile won't hide
look at us now how far we've come
don’t throw it away for something I’ve done

It’s all for nothing if we say goodbye
the good times the bad and I
know you won’t give up on us
please don’t give up

you’re the one who keeps my heart alight
you.... I can't forget
and at this time of night
you're my Egyptian Sunset

There’s sorry tears in my eyes
love of my life, for all of the lies
I try to explain, will you listen to me?
Everything’s crossed, for my apology

Life's too short, forgive
forget it all, lets live
I can see from your eyes we're alright
just take my hand and we'll fall into the night

It's cold in here, not much warmer than outside
but we'll turn up the heat and lie by the fire side
we look through the frozen window
snow falls fast, so even

The fire coals glow with the warmth of our hearts
and as they die we'll sleep in the dark

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought:

Tips for : Search and replace

This time...I have no words.
But a wise lady said:

The meaning of life is creation.
That we are not living if we are not making.
If we are not making what are we doing?

Cheery Poem of the week:

(read very slowly...)

...And the inspiration returns...
Alliterating my history of burns.
Rushing, relentless, romance.
Long, long slow-sudden chance.

warm words a cosy Prison.
...up all night Sentence.
No pheromones, no touch you.
Feeling a journey of two.

white night just in Time
wishing, Machine, crime.
No tactile, no map to find.
Bright, bright. Lips so kind.

So hard to find...

So hard to find.

"Thank you for being. I'm trying."

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...
Tips for : Low level eating
I am back in the U.K. for a short time.
It is quite a shock, as I'm determined to gee-up the summer,
by still wearing Ecuadorian-level attire...
So far it has been quite unsuccessful.
But the sun has been peeping through the clouds in the childish battle that is the English Summer.
My asetic life has ended and I am exposed to 'choccy bikkies' and other 'unclean' carbs.
So here are some tips on keeping the girth at bay.
0. Have a couple of weeks off and pig out, give the control knob a wiggle.
But to get back on track...
1. Do not buy it.
    (Eat/fill-up before shopping.  Less temptation.)
2. If it is there already store it in the boot (trunk) of a car outside.
     If it is cold it is a powerful disincentive to not go and get it.
3. Make a rule that if you eat junk you have to do an hour of heavy
     training 2 hours later.  This is the time it is in your bloodstream
     and sugar can be moved to muscles and liver.  Thus not spiking
     insulin and not getting stored as body fat.
     Even 2 minutes of deep knee bends/star jumps is enough to
     damage-limitate your blood sugar.
If all else fails:
4. Become a cave dweller again.
   (Snuffling like a truffle-pig for half-nuts and berries.)
Good luck...
Cheery Poem of the week:
Fish and Chips with Brother
Donna Kebab with best mate
Beans on toast with Mother
feed-ad nauseam, putting on weight.
Oranges and banana peels
Not been home this long since teens
Microwaved meals...
obligatory spoon of cold beans...
(if you like this one read the Aug 22, 2014 - Tips for a gourmet waistline, post.)
Some new funny photos on my endeavours blog?
(pics page 2)
Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...
Tips for : washing up on shore
Word of the week: Sapiosexual
No, it's not someone who loves 50s love story movies, but I am definitely one of them, not the movie lover, the word.
I am living in Manta, Ecuador, South America.
Somewhat serendipitously, then, I saw this Manta Ray on the beach last night, poor thing, the skin on top 'was' like sandpaper, you wouldn't want it to rub against you it would remove skin.
(Hat purely for Pedagogic-perspective it doesn't belong to the dead ray, he had not appropriated it from me in any way, that was a rumour.)
I know you're wondering, yes I agree, despite its putrefaction, it's still very butch, this is the antithesis of those, ha, Male Triplewart seadevil's, yea, exactly, God....
Info for the kids below....and you....
Are stingrays and mantarays the same thing?
Triplewart seadevil (see extreme sexual dimorphism section, reminds me of being 'more mature' than the rest in school)
Anything new on my endeavours blog?
Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...
Tips for : Eye contact
For today, and probably from now on if it goes well, look everyone in the eyes.

Especially as you pass them, across the room, even as you sit opposite them (yes strangers).
Try to 'out stare' them.
(A slight smile, or half smile, will prevent any security-related issues....)
It amazes me how our brains are so fast that they notice when someone looks away.
But if you hold the gaze, it is also amazing how long some people will reciprocate that held gaze.
The non-verbal communication is incredible; some say up to 90% is non-verbal:
Eye, body language and tone of voice inclusively.  With just 10% being what you say.
If you are date-able, I mean looking-for, as opposed to eligible, and you catch someone's eye, do the puppy-dog and tilt your head very slightly and do a very slight smile at the same time.
Another little thought:
While walking 'The Beach' the other morning I saw two butch-chubby-ish men.
Boat builders, maybe, sitting in the shade under a boat-in-repair.
As I passed behind them I noticed (as I do) one had his hand on the others tricep (back of upper arm).

It was tenderly held there.
As they sensed me walking behind, he moved it away, being an observant chap I noticed this and started to put it together.
To me, able to publicly display my affections, proudly, this is very sad.
Still a closed world.  Everywhere really.
Parataxis of the week:
She never looks down at me.
Doesn't care what I wear on my feet.
How much I make.
Or where I'm from.
Just a hug from behind.
Taste my salted skin.
She just wants me close.
Like a new baby.
There's more here.
Than meets our eyes.
From when we stared and smiled.
Animal me, innocence you.
Despite me leaving.
Her heart still tries.
Head overruled.
I lose.
Feel bad.
Warning unheeded.
Heading for heartbreak.
But I want this experience.
Like the one that broke me.
I can't walk away.
...Now,  I understand...
Anything new on my endeavours blog?
Have a week!
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Happy Place

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Friday Thought...

Tips for being Stone:

Be my Stone, I'll be your Andrew...?

When I first saw them on screen I was stunned at the chemistry
it made the film for me,  I only recently found out that they are a couple.  Which explains it.

So rare:

At this moment to 'work-at' a rewarding relationship 'so-effortlessly' is what I crave....You know?

If you have little time to be touched, the best bits are 1m:48s when they are unashamedly admiring each others...bits.
(On their own little island-bubble.  You know the one.)
(There is a 1 and 3, BTW. but I think this is the best)

2 pics I also think are nice:

Cheery Poem of the week:
Prurience: Never got to show?
If not, then never know...
That corollary sums me and you,
as I'm an "animal lover" too.

Anything new on my endeavours blog?

Have a week!
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