Limited, Limited, Limited ...

This is what we see when we look at the member list in any of the +Happening London Communities šŸ‘‰

Why are these members limited?

They are limited because they have not introduced themselves in that community. There is a category in each community for introductions.

As an example here is the "Introductions" section for the main +Happening London Community: šŸ‘‰

What does limited member actually mean?

It means that any post you make will need to be reviewed and then approved or rejected before it will be seen by other people in the community.

This keeps the communities spam free. Spammers are simply blocked and reported.

Why should people introduce themselves?

Well ....
ā–¶ It's what you do in the real world when you join a group or community.
ā–¶ It helps establish that you're London based.
ā–¶ It helps establish trust.
ā–¶ It's polite!

How long after I have introduced myself will my posts be seen by other community members?

After you have properly introduced yourself it may take a while for a moderator to read and approve your introduction post. But, following that you will be promoted to a full member and all future posts will publish without moderation: unless you break the community rules, where you will be demoted to a limited member again.

What's all this for?

The object is to create clean, spam free, fun, interesting and useful communities for Londoners.

If you are London based please join the main community first and more following that according to your interests.

Thanks! šŸ‘‰ šŸ‘
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