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Learning from Sharing

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Why We Need PCTFREE instead of PCTUSED at Index ?
Basically, a table is a "heap". We stick data WHERE EVER. an index is a structure, we have to stick data where it belongs.

When we take an index block off of the free list -- it is "empty". We will then totally fill it up until we have to split it. It ...

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Oracle Performance Tuning Best Advice #1
The first important advance in Oracle optimization technology follows from a simple mathematical observation: You can't extrapolate detail from an aggregate. Here's a puzzle to demonstrate my point. Imagine that I told you that a collection of 1,000 rocks c...

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Mastering #ASM with Arup Nanda. Register here:

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Detect Gap on Oracle Data Guard 11gR2
Gap can occur if LNS is unable to keep pace and the log buffer is recycled before the redo can be transmitted to the standby. so how can we detect gap on our Dataguard environment? some people use this method. SQL> archive log list; SQL> select  max(sequenc...

Dream More, Complain Less, Talk Less, Love Less, Argue Less, Hope More, Fear Less, Relax More, Worry Less, Believe More, Doubt Less, Play More, Work Less.

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they use to be. #BrilliantQuotes  

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Rifqi Fitriady commented on a post on Blogger.
woah nice thread from Mahir,
thanks in advance

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Manually Resolving Gaps - Oracle Data Guard 11gR2
for simplicity, Gap  is a range of archived redo logs that were created at a time when the standby database was not available to receive them. in many pratices it happen because the network problems. We have 3 method to resolving this problem. i'll dispatch...
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