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Having waited 4 months for Google+ Pages, I'm a little disappointed by what we got yesterday. It's a very slimmed down version of Facebook Pages that shouldn't have taken more than a couple of weeks to build and launch after the initial launch.
(If you haven't tried it out yet, go to

And it leaves a few questions and comments:
- Why does an engaged customer need to click three places to fully connect and recommend the page? Why not just one "+1" button that automatically followed the page and shared it in the feed (if necessary with a confirmation)?
- The current "Add to circles" will confuse the average user (which admittedly hasn't arrived at Google+ yet), since your circles are for people. The button should be named "Follow", and Google should auto-create a circle called "Pages" or similar.
- Why are pages and people mixed together in the search results without further filtering?
- Why can't customers contact the Page or share content by posting on the wall of the Page? It may be a deliberate limitation, but I think businesses will miss out on some customer engagement, if customers are only able to reach the business and other customers/followers in post comments.
- It's a joke, that the website badges aren't ready yet: - To actually implement the few lines of javascript and finish them up shouldn't have taken much longer than writing in the disappointing text "script coming soon"
- Where's the viral effect? Again with no sharing of either an add to a circle or a "+1", friends of the customer will only know of the page, if the customer actively shares a link to the page.

Google needs to speed things up soon :)
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I reckon a lot of it is anti spam measures, since "follow spam" is a right pain on Twitter making new follows almost useless to find people to follow back - so on G+ a brand can only circle who follows them first. But when the full roll out of +1s are out, it'll probably be quite hard to avoid the chance to circle seeing as it could be in every gmail, search result and offline marketing with the "direct connect" feature showing via search results. And the fact +1s are amalgamation over all the domain to show against adwords is a huge incentive, since they do increase CTR.

I agree it does look a bit pre-beta product at the moment, but I think they are doing the long term strategy of making it appealing to marketers, so the marketers can promote it to the average user.
Good post - I agree, a pretty uninspiring start.

Have to assume that wall posts are coming soon from what others have discovered within G+ source. I'd like to see multiple page admins added pretty soon too.
@Mark I agree that the anti-spam measure of limiting the pages to only follow back the page followers is good. I don't think I touched on that one in my post, but I find the possibility for pages to follow and categorize customers/followers interesting in the current form :)

@Jacob: It sounds promising with more features underway. Let's just hope that G+ updates arrive speedier than it has until now for Google to have a chance to catch up on their competitors in social.
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