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This is my Core Christians Circle, I have a couple thousand Christians in my circles, but this is my most read/interacted circle.
It comprises of Christians across the spectrum, from Coptic, Orthodox and Catholic, through Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical, Liberal, even a couple of Messianic Jews. There are some Pastors, some missionaries, but all have something in common that they are Christians, regular users of G+, and well worth circling as they often post Christian content.

It is a small enough circle to add in one go, either to your existing Christian circle or create a new circle as a holding cell ;-)
Give me a shout if you need a hand with adding circles.
You can also browse and pick and choose if you prefer!
Please feel free to share it with your Christian circles too.

Note, please do not be offended if you are not in this circle! it is nothing personal, it is hard to keep a circle under 50! I will be sharing other circles soon!

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Where are the seventh day Adventist?
Wow I just added all of the circle at once
I am the first Adventist in the circle, YAY
Thanks for including me ... I am more of a Monist Pantheist, but I LOVE the teaching of Y'shua ha Moshiach (Jesus the Nazarene) +Hannah Roberts
I have been wanting to talk about the love of God with people a long time. Thank you +Hannah Roberts I think this will be a fun group
AH ok, +Rod Borghese , I didn't realise, but you post a lot of great content which is relevant for this circle :)
Yes, I Love learning about who Jesus was (is) ...
Well all of a sudden it is 01:53 am... so I best make my way to bed, church by 9.30!
Goodnight everyone :)
thanks, +Hannah Roberts. Just a warning to those who choose to add me based on this: I don't post much faith-related stuff here.
Just glad to be here where I've met so many new people.
When people share circles they should ALL do like you did - explain what it is well. Good job!
There is no such thing as a denominational Christian. In 1 Corinthians 1:13, the apostle Paul ( see 1 Corinthians 1:1 ) asked the question - "Is Christ divided?...." The answer to that question is - "No."
Keep in touch.

Sincerely in Christ,
Russell E. Willis
At the end of the day, most of us are Christans on this thread, and this particular post is not the place for a theological debate, feel free to start your own post about denominations and add the link to it on here so that those who wish to discuss it, can do.
Per this thread, it would be nice if Google added a feature that allowed dynamic updating of shared Circles.
+Hannah Roberts shared Circle still shows as 49 peopl even though she added some of us to her own CIrcle after this post was shared.

Not sure if that would be difficult for G+ to implement, but it would make sharing and connecting much better ...
+Steve Elsass. That would be a good idea for other circles, though this one is deliberately kept for keeping up to date with and ease of sharing.
I have a huge 'christians' circle where most of my circled Christans are, also a couple smaller Christian circles for my own learning.
Thank you, hope you also have a good weekend :)
+Herman de Waal It's excellent how Google+ experience becomes what you make of your circles. With 100 million users there are plenty of folks of various persuasions. And in the end Google+ is a Christian community for one person while G+ is a secular universe for someone else, and it is a business networking platform for others

Glad to have you in my Christians Circle. :-)
Happy to be included in any such future circles ::Grin::
I'd appreciate your consideration for inclusion - I post 1-2x/day on Christian topics, especially related to loving God with our minds. Thanks!
Welcome to the circle, nice to "meet" you.  :)
I'd also love consideration for inclusion.  This is a great circle!
+Hanni Parker Thank you for this circle. I just added it though it seems I have already circled a number of them.  I am new to G+ and this is my first shared circle. I would be honored if you would consider adding me to it. 

For the king--Chris
Thank you, I have added you to the circle, I also have a general Christians circle which has over 1000 in, I need to get to a pc before I can share another circle.
Hi +Treasa Hynes, do you mean how to add the whole circle?
Click add circle then choose a circle to tick to add them to, or "create a new circle" and call it Christians or Hanni Christians circle or whatever and hit done.
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