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Tonight's sunset
In a pretty lame time lapse...
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Thanks, first attempt, hopefully get another good sunset to try again before I have to go back to work on Sunday!
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That's my duty done.
I've cast my vote and also tried to teach the kids about our voting system.
Surprised to see how many strong opinions the kids had about politics even at age 6,8 and 10.

#ge2015 #generalelection 
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That was taken as I walked up the road :)
Surprised to not see signs saying "no phones/cameras" but I left mine outside anyways.

I live in the back of beyond, I'm 32 and vote on UK, Wales, European and local council elections, but am yet to encounter another voter in a poll booth! 
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Hanni Parker

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Remember when your mother would bake a cake, and you were allowed to lick the beaters?

Goes through me to think of it now, how did I never get food poisoning?

#flashbackfriday #Fridayflashback
Photo from "my107"on FB
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Yeah but your dad is rock solid +Kevin Lodge​
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Short documentary about the the area in Snowdonia North Wales that is used for low level flight training. The RAF call it the #Machloop apparently #USAF call it The Roundabout
I'm lucky to live in the area, they are fantastic to watch!

H/T to +Jim Wall​ for the link :)
This week's most popular documentary available to view on is the hugely popular Fast Jets and Long Lenses:

Watch in full here:
Fast Jets and Long Lenses looks at low level training on the Mach Loop through the eyes of the photographers who climb mountains to capture it.  
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Haha :D
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Hanni Parker

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Are you Bilingual? (Or multilingual)
Do you use believe it gives you another view of the world?

From the article:
"The results suggest that a second language can play an important unconscious role in framing perception, the authors conclude online this month in Psychological Science. “By having another language, you have an alternative vision of the world,” 
Research suggests speaking English nudges Germans to focus on process over goals
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I really envy my daughter in that she can speak Japanese and English and can enjoy a much wider variety of things than her peers. Not sure how she sees the world since she is only 8, but it's probably in shades of pink and purple.
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Hanni Parker

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I've lost count how many times I've heard British "ex-pats" on visits home complain about how many "immigrants" there are in "their" country.
The mind boggles.
Is it the same where you are or is it a British thing?

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There are elements of truth in the article, but "expat" is almost exclusively a term used by Brits overseas to describe themselves and the insular little self-serving communities they try to create. I lived in Hong Kong for many years working in the Government and private sectors.

 I speak fluent Cantonese, first wife was a local and totally immersed myself into the culture. I was regarded as somewhat of an 'oddball' by those who regarded themselves as "true colonials" and who treated the locals like dirt. In their defence, Hong Kong was then still a British Colony and British colonial rule created such delusional snobbery all over the world. It is sad to see such attitudes still prevailing in places such as Dubai and Spain in the modern day.

In all the years I spent in Asia and the Middle East, Europeans, Americans, Australians et al were rarely referred to as "expats". Hong Kong people referred to us generally as "gweilos" which literally means "ghost person" in a reference to pale skin, although many commentators have used literary license describing the term to mean "foreign devil". The inference of a dislike of "foreigners" can be justified and traced back to colonial rule all over the world. I suppose the snobby aloof "expat" attitude stems from ignorance, insecurity, a fear of the unknown manifesting in treating others as inferior: a naturally tragic human trait.

Those of us who have journeyed far and wide and have just treated people as people, as we find them and respected their countries and culture, have enjoyed an amazing enriching and educational experience and true friends Worldwide.

The only time I have felt like an unwelcome "foreigner" is when I returned to the UK. There is an  old "expat" quote referring to the fact that one was likely to meet objectionable snobby Brits at a bar when working overseas because every country exports it idiots. That always made me smile, as it is true, until I realized  we all get tarred with the same brush !!
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Hanni Parker

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Dolgellau, Wales, where I was born.
The modern housing developments an ugly scar on an otherwise beautiful landscape.
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Look out of place but there is a housing shortage, could do with another couple hundred houses built, but maybe pick a better colour for them next time. 
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Hanni Parker

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To celebrate Trooper Iron Maiden Beer 2nd Birthday today, we are giving away a bundle of Trooper prizes!
The Prize contains:
1 x Trooper T-Shirt (Medium)
1 x Limited edition Trooper 2nd Birthday Bar Runner
2 x Trooper 500ml Bottle
2 x Trooper Branded Pint Glass
Trooper 2nd Birthday Drip Mats
Trooper 2nd Birthday collectable badges
Trooper branded tray
Trooper branded bucket*

Ways to enter:
1) Visit our Facebook page, and tag yourself in the comments on the competition post
2) Visit our Twitter page and tweet us “@RoyalShipLL40 Happy Birthday Trooper!”
*3) Visit our Google+ page and tag yourself in the comments of the competition post*
4) Email: with “Happy Birthday Trooper” as the subject line
5) In person – Visit the Royal Ship and ask for your name and number to be added to the prize draw.
Competition Terms and Conditions (For full terms see our Google+ page)
1) Competition open to UK Residents over 18 only
2) There will be one winner,who will be chosen from a hat at random and the winner announced on our social media pages and at reception. 
3) Competition closing date is 31/05/2015, with the winner chosen at random within 7 days, and the prize will be dispatched within 28 days of the winner being announced. 
4)This competition is not promoted by, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Facebook, Twitter or Google.
1. To enter the completion, you must be a UK resident, and over 18.
2. Competitions are not open to employees.
3. No purchase necessary.
4. You may enter the competition once per media, Facebook, G+, Twitter, email, and in person. (Entries above this will only be counted once)
5. Sending an e-mail is not proof that we have received your entry. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.
6. The winner of competition will be the entrant picked at random by a third party.
7. The closing date is 31/05/2015, the winner will be announced  on social media and in the hotel within 7 days.
8. If you win a competition, we will notify you by e-mail or the social media that you used to enter. The decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
9. No part of a prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
10. Any personal information from the competition entry will be used for contacting the winner, and occasional email from the Royal Ship, and not sold to a third party. If you want to be removed from our list, please mail
11. The Royal Ship will endeavour to send prizes within a month of the competition end date but cannot guarantee this delivery time.
12. This competition is not promoted by, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Facebook, Twitter or Google. 
13. The Competition is run by The Royal Ship Hotel, Queens Square, Dolgellau, LL401AR

#trooperparty   #realale   #beerlovers   #beeroclock   #competition  
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Hanni Parker

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Does your child REALLY understand stranger danger?
Scary to think about but every parent needs to watch this, and remind their children that "baddies" can appear friendly and "helpful" or in need.

I live in a rural area where everyone knew eachother, but as a kid 30 years ago we were taught to scream, bite, kick if anyone tried to grab us.
But even back then it was the same tactics used by abductors, the favourite still seems to be "come pet my puppy" or "I'm sad, come help me find my puppy" kids seem to forget what they've been taught since they were toddlers.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, just watch. Please.
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After +ProFriend 's prompting I did a little digging.  I think THIS article helps sum up some of the stuff I found.
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Hanni Parker

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I admit I had no idea how much effort goes into a cup of coffee!
Got your cup of morning Joe?

Good. Now sit down and watch this, because I think it'll make you appreciate just how much work goes into making a cup of coffee. 

I'm considering giving home-grown coffee a go when we've moved to the states. Yes, I know that the altitude and weather isn't ideal. But just for fun. Because, I'm the kind of person who likes to know what goes into making or building something. 
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Hanni Parker

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Elfyn Evans in the brand new 1.0T Fiesta R2

#Rally #RallyNorthWales
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+Hanni Parker be cool Sweetie 
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Hanni Parker

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Cute, Cool, or just plain creepy?
A friend shared a picture of a "baastool", I like sheepskin but this gives me the creeps!
Is it just me?

I am not associated with the website, just linking to show where the pictures came from:
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I've seen them on Twitter ... they are different ... I kind of like them ... but on the other side ... Hmmm. I really don't know. 
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