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Always an awkard moment in the restaurant when the lady refuses the option of a side of fries despite the gentleman's suggestion/encouragement...
You know she is going to go ahead and steal his ;)

Via and h/t +Lambert Schlumpf

(Who got it via Waffles H
Who got it via Zander D) :)
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Hanni Parker

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Easiest way to sort/purge circles?
I have been on G+ since the start (Well week two!), so in four years a lot of people have come and gone.
I have been unable to add anyone for about 6 months and sorting through everyone is tiresome, especially as my browser crashes when I try to at least try to remove the nameless blue heads that have deleted their profiles.

Other than circlescope what do you recommend?

I would probably be looking to remove anyone who hasn't posted for over 12 months.
(I know some who never post publicly so I will have to remember to keep them in!)
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About 70....
Sorted mainly by interest and language
it worked beautifully to start. I posted topics to each circle then it got hard work.
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Hanni Parker

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What is your irrational fear?
My international friends will think I am a wimp, but this spider is huge by Welsh standards and it took ages to get the courage to open my door tonight.
It isn't even poisonous so poses no threat to me at all.

Ickky ikky ikky.
What is your irrational fear?
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I've Ahracaphopia! I can deal w certain Lil Spiders &let em go thr merry way. But, I too would've FREAKED OUT! Seeing that creepy BEAST! I HATE FURRY ones the most! In AZ- thrs 36 Species of Tarantulas. ONLY one I HATE! Its the only one thats aggressive&will run towards you&jump unto your feet! They are Black&have tan backs&bigger than the others! The Females are always larger in all the species. This Species..I SWEAR! Hand> Bible! Females size of a large man's hand! We've had 4Species on our Sonoran Desert 5a.c.'s. Smallest are brown bodied&have blond hairs. Other is light cocoa powder brown&last dark chocolate brown.these other species will curl up&try to hide from you,or I take a broom &nudge em along&they walk away. Again theses HUGE BLACK ones will jump unto the broom, run after you, rear up&show thr FANGS! A Real Life NIGHTMARE!
WORSE YET! I live in small desert valley&own Micro Climate. Past 3yrs we've not received our 7-10" of MONSOON RAINS! Cacti are dying, Coyotes, Javalina&Mountain Lions coming into our yards looking for water! With that said... Tarantulas also Migrate this exact time of year! Wild Life Employees put notices up in/on Park&State lands>>> abt letting Tarantulas crossing the roads. Thrs 30-60 of them in a group! I've not seen it but.. 3yrs ago to date Over 56 of the HUGE BLACK SPECIES, migrated to my property!* Didn't see happen BUT, Every early evening as Sun set..thr would be 2-4 daily, out my front door. In my Lantana Bushes&sidewalk! Where I sit always! One night, one crawled up unto my foot, one leg at a time! I kicked it off! I know use a Stepping Stool&keep my feet up fro ground! I'm a sincere animal lover! But! In the 2yrs since they came...we killed 24 the first yr they came&the other 22 folwg yr. I couldn't find no one to come &get them! We couldn't go outside&sit&they went after my Lil Chihuahua dog! &My cat! She totally freaked when she saw one! We let ALL other Small Species stay! For they EAT the CAROLINA WOLF SPIDERS!&OTHERS! Think of them as Lil mice w extra legs. I've even petted 2 of the Cocoa Brown ones before. The C.Wolfs need to go&Brown Recluse&Black Widows&many others we've got! Unlike our neighbors..who only plant Cacti. I've got many lush green, bushes that flower non stop. Everyone complements our landscape but,ALL living things can smell the humidity&green smell also, that's why they migrated here. A feast if Insects awaited them. I'm in fear of it happening again! Always Labor Day Wknd, is when you see them. No rains this year....I'm PARANOID AS HELL!
Don't bother commenting to me abt how I killed them...I made calls for help, searched for ppl who Buy&Sell them... NEVER A RESPONSE! We were living A HORROR MOVIE! They crawled up the screens when we did get some light rains! Sat at ledge of all Doors&You couldn't go out,they would RUN INSIDE! I've been waiting to see what BABIES could show up?
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Hanni Parker

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Just wow!
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Hanni Parker

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What do you call this?
I have a love/hate relationship with these things.
Love when they go right, hate when they they don't.

Coffee, Alcohol (Whiskey in this case), sugar, topped with cream.

(Cream started sinking while i got my phone on this one ;/)
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Hanni Parker

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I admittedly take my surroundings for granted occasionally. Hard to imagine so many people have never seen the sea, a mountain or even the night sky!
This great list reminded us about how lucky we are to be in Dolgellau, and what we may sometimes take for granted, can be breathtaking to visitors.
(Including two guests who had never been outside of London before so had never seen the night sky in all its glory!)
So here it is:
44 Reasons Wales should be on your Bucket List
(And why Wales spoils you for life!)

#motivationmonday #visitwales #Dolgellau #bucketlist #staycation

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Hanni Parker

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In school we learned of Marie Curie, but there were so many more...
" Female scientists have contributed to some of science’s biggest breakthroughs, from unraveling the structure of DNA, to discovering fission, to mapping the ocean floor.

So why don’t we know their names?
This week on Science Friday, we’re celebrating science’s unsung heroines. We’ll hear about Maria Sibylla Merian, the 17th century “mother of entomology,” whose watercolors documented insect metamorphosis. We’ll also learn about Marie Tharp, whose maps of the ocean floor paved the way for continental drift theory. Plus, meet the women programmers of the ENIAC, the first all-electronic, multipurpose computer."
This Women’s History Month, Science Friday celebrates some of the unsung heroines of science.
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Good point!
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Hanni Parker

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Having a care-free moment before going back to being a grown up!
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Hanni Parker

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Arse end of nowhere, or end of the earth... eitherway a pretty grim drive over Dinas Pass/ Y Bwlch this morning!

#UKSummer #UKweather
To be fair we have had a fairly good summer so far.

+Bobbi Jo Woods​ this post inspired by yours, I like all weathers, we need this rain even in the height of summer, to keep our beautiful corner of the world all lush and green. :)
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Hanni Parker

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How many of us jump right in instead of listening to what is being said....

Via +Jordan Henderson
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Good communication skills include good listening skills. 
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Hanni Parker

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"Google+ is not dead. You just don't understand it."
Tired of explaining this to non users....
But more than willing to help new users!
If you are new here, or had an account for ages but not getting anywhere, give me a shout, I would love to help!
Throw your questions at me!
Sorry, tech press. Google+ is alive and well.

(Read my column: )

A chorus of tech journalists this week is saying that Google is phasing out its social network, Google+.

Where did they get this juicy nugget of information? Well, they made it up. And I'll tell you why.

But first, let's look at what the press is saying and compare that with reality:

#GooglePlus #Google+
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Completely agree +Ralph MacGregor . "It doesn't have to be this way" as the Blow Monkeys sang in 1987. It may take a tad more brain power, diligence and talent to achieve a 'rubbish-free' G+..... isn't that what all these young tech experts are paid the zillions for?
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Hanni Parker

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Should schools dictate hairstyles? Does/did yours?
I think I just lost a discussion with my soon to be 8 year old about his hair.
He wants a mohican, I have said no, and the hairdresser also told him he has to wait until he is 16. When I explained schools have these rules as when he is an adult he will have to be smart and tidy, his response was "EXACTLY! childhood is for enjoying who you are!"
Can't really argue with that!

When I was a child, any child with "extreme" haircut, was put in solitary confinement until their hair conformed to the norm.

Image is a stock image, there is an article at huff about examples.
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+Hanni Parker  That's outrageous that the parents have to pay that much for a school uniform. I'm surprised there isn't a revolt. A movement of parents saying, "We're not participating."
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