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I admit I had no idea how much effort goes into a cup of coffee!
Got your cup of morning Joe?

Good. Now sit down and watch this, because I think it'll make you appreciate just how much work goes into making a cup of coffee. 

I'm considering giving home-grown coffee a go when we've moved to the states. Yes, I know that the altitude and weather isn't ideal. But just for fun. Because, I'm the kind of person who likes to know what goes into making or building something. 
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Elfyn Evans in the brand new 1.0T Fiesta R2

#Rally #RallyNorthWales
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Ah it is just me being sad!
it isn't displayed on your page, but my follower count is on my page and I noticed it drop then went to to check.
(Numbers are not important, just my little obsession lol)
Just didn't think I was worthy of the block button or uncircling.
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Cute, Cool, or just plain creepy?
A friend shared a picture of a "baastool", I like sheepskin but this gives me the creeps!
Is it just me?

I am not associated with the website, just linking to show where the pictures came from:
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I've seen them on Twitter ... they are different ... I kind of like them ... but on the other side ... Hmmm. I really don't know. 
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Yes, perhaps it could be better worded...

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+Taffanaut has just posted an interesting tweet. 

If true, it could mean that Llanbedr airfield is still in the running to be the home of the UK's first Spaceport. Which considering the short list was approx 10 locations last year is certainly a good thing.

If  you have no idea what I mean by the UK's first Spaceport then, here's +BBC News 's Pallab Ghosh with a news report from when the shortlist was announced last year -
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UPDATE: It turns out that the short list hasn't been created by the government but, by "The British Space Initiative (a private group lobbying for multiple UK spaceports)" according to (found via a follow up tweet by +Taffanaut )
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Hanni Parker

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Short documentary about the the area in Snowdonia North Wales that is used for low level flight training. The RAF call it the #Machloop apparently #USAF call it The Roundabout
I'm lucky to live in the area, they are fantastic to watch!

H/T to +Jim Wall​ for the link :)
This week's most popular documentary available to view on is the hugely popular Fast Jets and Long Lenses:

Watch in full here:
Fast Jets and Long Lenses looks at low level training on the Mach Loop through the eyes of the photographers who climb mountains to capture it.  
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Haha :D
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Are you Bilingual? (Or multilingual)
Do you use believe it gives you another view of the world?

From the article:
"The results suggest that a second language can play an important unconscious role in framing perception, the authors conclude online this month in Psychological Science. “By having another language, you have an alternative vision of the world,” 
Research suggests speaking English nudges Germans to focus on process over goals
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I really envy my daughter in that she can speak Japanese and English and can enjoy a much wider variety of things than her peers. Not sure how she sees the world since she is only 8, but it's probably in shades of pink and purple.
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Hanni Parker

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I've lost count how many times I've heard British "ex-pats" on visits home complain about how many "immigrants" there are in "their" country.
The mind boggles.
Is it the same where you are or is it a British thing?

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There are elements of truth in the article, but "expat" is almost exclusively a term used by Brits overseas to describe themselves and the insular little self-serving communities they try to create. I lived in Hong Kong for many years working in the Government and private sectors.

 I speak fluent Cantonese, first wife was a local and totally immersed myself into the culture. I was regarded as somewhat of an 'oddball' by those who regarded themselves as "true colonials" and who treated the locals like dirt. In their defence, Hong Kong was then still a British Colony and British colonial rule created such delusional snobbery all over the world. It is sad to see such attitudes still prevailing in places such as Dubai and Spain in the modern day.

In all the years I spent in Asia and the Middle East, Europeans, Americans, Australians et al were rarely referred to as "expats". Hong Kong people referred to us generally as "gweilos" which literally means "ghost person" in a reference to pale skin, although many commentators have used literary license describing the term to mean "foreign devil". The inference of a dislike of "foreigners" can be justified and traced back to colonial rule all over the world. I suppose the snobby aloof "expat" attitude stems from ignorance, insecurity, a fear of the unknown manifesting in treating others as inferior: a naturally tragic human trait.

Those of us who have journeyed far and wide and have just treated people as people, as we find them and respected their countries and culture, have enjoyed an amazing enriching and educational experience and true friends Worldwide.

The only time I have felt like an unwelcome "foreigner" is when I returned to the UK. There is an  old "expat" quote referring to the fact that one was likely to meet objectionable snobby Brits at a bar when working overseas because every country exports it idiots. That always made me smile, as it is true, until I realized  we all get tarred with the same brush !!
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Hanni Parker

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In your opinion is Google Plus suitable for giveaways and can you suggest suitable prizes?
Or are they seen as "spamming"
There seems to be minimal local presence on here. So is it a waste of time?
Out of my 30,000 followers, only 20 or so are "local".
Suggestions on the original post if possible please.
What would you like to see as a prize in our G+ giveaways?

Gallon of Beer?
Trooper T Shirts and other merchandise?
Meal for two?
A free nights stay?

We currently have a meal for two prize draw running for our Facebook
And twitter @Royalshipll40
But we are aware most of our G+ fans are further afield so postable prizes and nights stay are most likely!

Suggestions most welcome!
Welcome and Croeso To the Royal Ship Hotel’s official Facebook page The Royal Ship Hotel Dolgellau,...
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There are many Welsh communities in the world, here is one of them:
#bbc A Welsh enclave in America - How St David's Day is marked in one community far from Wales
St David's Day largely goes unnoticed across the US, but one community does its upmost to commemorate the most important event in Wales' calendar.
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Great news, here's to another 150 years... And more!
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So yes we Brits have issues...
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Lol normally yes, but couldn't take a hand off the wheel as passing uphill with millimetres to spare. :D
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Hanni Parker

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Any Meirionnydd/Dwyfor residents out there?
All candidates for MP of the Meirion/Dwyfor constituency will be meeting next Friday in Dolgellau.
Meeting open to all.
*General Election Candidate Meeting at The Royal Ship 27th February *
(Cymraeg isod)
Good prospect for a lively discussion with candidates of the political parties in a special meeting that has been arranged in Dolgellau later this month.

The event will take place at the Royal Ship Hotel, Dolgellau on Friday 27th February 7.30pm with all candidates in the constituency Meirion/Dwyfor for the General election on the 7th May. The six candidates have agreed to attend are: Liz Saville Roberts on behalf of Plaid Cymru, Neil Fairlamb for the Conservatives, Mary Griffiths Clarke on behalf of Labour, Steve Churchman on behalf of the Liberal Democracy, Chris Gillibrand for UKIP and Louise Hughes Independent.

The meeting is completely open to anyone within the constituency who want to attend with an opportunity to comment or ask questions.

For more information please contact Dafydd Jarrett on 01982 554200.

Cymraeg :
Cyfarfod i Ymgeiswyr yr Etholiad Cyffredinol Meirion Dwyfor Last updated: 16 Feb 2015
Bydd cyfle da am drafodaeth fywiog gyda chynrychiolwyr y pleidiau gwleidyddol mewn cyfarfod arbennig sydd wedi ei drefnu yn Nolgellau diwedd mis Chwefror.

Mae’r digwyddiad wedi ei drefnu yng Ngwesty’r Ship, Dolgellau nos Wener 27ain o Chwefror 7.30yh gyda’r holl ymgeiswyr yn etholaeth Meirion Dwyfor ar gyfer yr etholiad Cyffredinol ar y 7ed o Fai. Mae’r chwech ymgeisydd wedi cytuno i fod yn bresennol sef: Liz Saville Roberts ar ran Plaid Cymru, Neil Fairlamb ar ran y Ceidwadwyr, Mary Griffiths Clarke ar ran Llafur, Steve Churchman ar ran y Democratiaeth Rhydfrydol, Chris Gillibrand ar ran UKIP a Louise Hughes Anibynnol.

Mae’r cyfarfod yn gwbl agored i unrhyw un o fewn yr etholaeth sydd am fynychu gyda chyfle i gynnig sylwadau neu ofyn cwestiynnau.

Y ddwy Undeb amaethyddol ym Meirionnydd sydd wedi trefnu’r digwyddiad, a gellir cysylltu gyda Dafydd Jarrett ar 01982 554200 am fwy o fanylion.

#Dolgellau #election #election2015 
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Thanks +Hanni Parker 
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