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Please share to care please
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How did this happen .
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Hanni Parker

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Amen, Glory Hallelujah, Praise God, Amen and Amen! 
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Hanni Parker

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May peace be with you on this Good Friday.
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Thank you, and you too Hanni, lovely post.....
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As the title suggests, +Amanda Blain shares her vast knowledge about Google+ , and how to get more out of it.
(And how to put more in to it!)
The 20th Most Popular Person On Google+ Tells You How To Use It

That would be me..  Check out this lovely article about my G+ experience..  I heart you guys! Thanks for being in this experience with me ♥

#googleplus   #socialmedia  
As businesses face drastic drops in the organic reach of their Facebook posts, there are no doubt some shifting focus over to Google+. With recent …
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Hanni Parker

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Great idea teaches children about responsibility, business, agriculture, the importance of local produce and even helps with maths and English skills. :)
Pupils turn down 'buy-out' in favour of brand integrity
Ysgol Gynradd San Sior (St George's Primary School) in N Wales are now producing about 400 free range, organic eggs every week

Pupils at this Welsh Eco-School have developed this project from scratch.
Raising investment finance through reducing waste (and associated costs) at the school, the Eco-Committee have built up a prime brood of 40 hens of different varieties.
Eggs are sold in boxes of 7 (1 for each day - cool huh?) and the pupils have built up a loyal customer base and growth strategy.
When approached by Tesco, who wanted to launch 'San Sior Eggs', the pupils turned the retail giant down as they felt their own brand and product identity was too valuable to sacrifice.
Good for them.
Read more here:

#ecoschoolswales #branding #organic
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Good for them!
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He is risen!
Death: His Sting & Defeat
Spoken Word by David Bowden
And I saw him
Death, with his mighty sting, Exhaling in every breath the plight he brings. To the grave he gave victory Triumphing over life with the fear of endless sleep. Endlessly we hide from our mortality. Mortally wounded from birth We lie to ourselves from infancy Innitely investing time in a life that will Inevitably be taken by this Incredible creature that stands before me: Death He manifests himself on ordinary days His 6 foot stomach growls with hunger pangs. For his meal, he cannot wait. So we are forced to taste him even before the grave We are all dying, there’s no other way I see him in Haitian and Japanese earthquakes. He’s Hating the Escapees of his cruel wakes. I see him in poverty impoverishing the quality of life for regions that are reachable, and in those with the reach who nd reason not to reach out to treat what is treatable. I see him in disease taking life out of uninfected yet aected families. I see him in oppression, pressing down on the oppressed and the oppressor. I see him in depression, in Prozac and pain pills, in razor blades and bed-side wills. I see him in abuse: physical, mental, emotional misuse I see him in spiritual confusion, material obsession, physical possessions. I see him in marital transgressions, childhood remorse from an ugly divorce. I see him in our slavery to appearances, appearing to care more about our images than those in dying villages. I see him in our ignorance, ignoring truth for some comfortable inference. I see his emergence in our churches as we pull out emergency verses as deterrents to religious dierences, going on the defensive, defending our way of worship, making community worthless. Death is killing us before we even enter the surface of the earth. We are in the service of his words, “It is nished” the end of birth. We cannot hide from his wretched curse For death and his grave we constantly rehearse Even God himself was coerced. Divinity immersed itself in humanity Humbly taking on esh, scorning vanity. The world saw his way of life as insanity. Insisting he cease speaking of his radical Christianity. But Man found him guilty, accusing God of blasphemy. Performing the ultimate usurpation by slaying Christ on Calvary But through their cowardly cross, Jesus embossed mankind with amnesty Championing over death with the beauty of his fatal injury. And I know, Many still doubt, and rightfully so, bringing up this inquiry? What does that poor Jewish man dying on a Roman tree 2,000 years ago have to do with me? I reply simply: Christ came and died to marry his bride to be, And though Death could kill the groom, it could not kill the ring.
God made us one with Christ and life in matrimony’s cling.
Now, the undying church, his ever-living wife can sing. Oh Death, where is your sting? Oh Grave, where is your victory?
For we have risen above your misery!
We will not succumb to your finality!
We have overcome your infamous mystery!
In the innite reign of Christ’s ministry!
For we are the resurrection The insurrection of fatality!
We are the risen deity, the intersection of a dead yet living body!
We live through imperfections, for we died to become holy!
We cannot be contained by the mouth of the grave
We are the willing slaves to the one who rose from the garden cave
We have passed through death to new birth
We gave the grave to the earth
And we claim today the cross’ worth
The body of his rising
We are the risen church.

Spoken word written and performed by: David Bowden

#Easter #happyEaster #Christians #Jesus #spokenword #heisrisen
Death: His Sting and Defeat (by David Bowden for …:
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Hanni Parker

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My scumbag brain does all of these and more!
Via +Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel and +Michael Ireland
Our brain is a scumbag lol
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Hee hee, it's a good one :D
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I wouldn't normally share another hotel's site, but this is something special.
Gwesty Seren Hotel is a brand new venture providing accommodation, food and drink, but most importantly has been created for people with learning disabilities, their families and their carers.
They can even provide a tailored care package if required.
It is based in the heart of Snowdonia, so breaks can be exciting and active, or relaxing and quiet, or whatever you want it to be.

#holidays #Wales #autism #learningdisabilities #Snowdonia #hotels

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My Pleasure :-) 
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Hanni Parker

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Thousands of hours of historical footage showing major events, celebrities and simple day-to-day life from 1896 until 1976 has been uploaded to YouTube
(yes 18 96)

British Pathé, the newsreel maker which documented all walks of life on video during the 20th Century, hasuploaded its entire collection of moving images to YouTube.

The archive of 3,500 hours of footage was digitised in 2002 thanks in part to a grant from the National Lottery, and is now freely accessible to anyone around the world for free.

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No probs, it is fascinating. :)
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Hanni Parker

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It is what keeps me sane!
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This is true, I learn some things from my children and I will be 60 .I think when you stop learning, you stop growing! 
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