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Hanni Parker

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Is there a glitch when uploading from a mobile to G+?
Sometimes they come up clear, other times all blurred. This photo is spot on from my phone, but uploaded it to my business page and it is all blurred..:/
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Hello Hanni,How are you doing?

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Hanni Parker

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Autumn in Llanelltyd, north Wales.

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Hanni Parker

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't

(A silly Sunday post via Slapdashmom on FB)
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Hanni Parker

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Nice mention in "InaPub" a Pub industry magazine :)

Thanks +Line Elise Svanevik​​ :)
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Hanni Parker

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Always an awkard moment in the restaurant when the lady refuses the option of a side of fries despite the gentleman's suggestion/encouragement...
You know she is going to go ahead and steal his ;)

Via and h/t +Lambert Schlumpf

(Who got it via Waffles H
Who got it via Zander D) :)
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hi i like it
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Hanni Parker

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Easiest way to sort/purge circles?
I have been on G+ since the start (Well week two!), so in four years a lot of people have come and gone.
I have been unable to add anyone for about 6 months and sorting through everyone is tiresome, especially as my browser crashes when I try to at least try to remove the nameless blue heads that have deleted their profiles.

Other than circlescope what do you recommend?

I would probably be looking to remove anyone who hasn't posted for over 12 months.
(I know some who never post publicly so I will have to remember to keep them in!)
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Im thinking of posting a couple of pleas to each of circles asking folk to reply if they want to stay in it. Then creat a 'mark 2' cirle of all those that bothed to reply. Eventually il just bin the whole original cirlce in one click.
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Hanni Parker

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So +John Lewis​ brought us #manonthemoon ...
Then +Pieces for Places​ goes and brings us #nanonthetown


Filmed in Barmouth North Wales.

All moneys raised from the sale of the scarf or donations received in the store will go to
+Age UK

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mnemonic k ZZAxkzDizxzRdi
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Hanni Parker

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Struggling with my Samsung S6 camera, but i think this came out ok.
Shame the photos I actually need often look poor, badly lit and even grainy.
Must make the effort to get to grips with manual settings.
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Hanni Parker

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Do you get paid holiday/vacation time?
I know it is time for a holiday when I finish the day with an ever growing "stuff I couldn't get done" list.

The heart is willing, the mind is absent, the legs are achy! (But less than 7 weeks until I get 10 days off, hurrah!)

It is something we Brits take for granted.
How much time off do YOU get?

I mainly use my statutory 28 days as a week off in spring, a week off in autumn, the rest I use one day at a time for appointments, activities with the kids, and Dental appointments :D

Living here I can treat a restday as holiday.

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12-hour rotating shift worker here. I get 160 hours paid vacation and 108 hours of "toil time" because my work week averages out to more than 40 hours per week. However, if a stat falls on my shift, I gotta work it (double time plus 8 hours of stat pay). Since I work a 28 day rotating schedule (basically 4 on, 5 off, 5 on, 4 off, 5 on, 5 off) I can use my time off in blocks of 4x12 hour shifts to garner several 2-week off periods per year. We have to schedule our time relative to availability of shift coverage, though, and that can be a challenge.
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Hanni Parker

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No matter which way up, what a beautiful land we live in!
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Come to think of it, this also reminds me of some of Michael Whelan's signature artwork. He has a series of paintings that include what looks like bubbles or glass globes, often with flames inside. I have a print hanging on my wall of a robed female on a precipice holding such a globe, with blue skies and an impossibly tall arch in the distance as her backdrop, and it fits this nicely. :)
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Hanni Parker

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In school we learned of Marie Curie, but there were so many more...
" Female scientists have contributed to some of science’s biggest breakthroughs, from unraveling the structure of DNA, to discovering fission, to mapping the ocean floor.

So why don’t we know their names?
This week on Science Friday, we’re celebrating science’s unsung heroines. We’ll hear about Maria Sibylla Merian, the 17th century “mother of entomology,” whose watercolors documented insect metamorphosis. We’ll also learn about Marie Tharp, whose maps of the ocean floor paved the way for continental drift theory. Plus, meet the women programmers of the ENIAC, the first all-electronic, multipurpose computer."
This Women’s History Month, Science Friday celebrates some of the unsung heroines of science.
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Hanni Parker

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Having a care-free moment before going back to being a grown up!
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