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There are many Welsh communities in the world, here is one of them:
#bbc A Welsh enclave in America - How St David's Day is marked in one community far from Wales
St David's Day largely goes unnoticed across the US, but one community does its upmost to commemorate the most important event in Wales' calendar.
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Hanni Parker

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+Taffanaut has just posted an interesting tweet. 

If true, it could mean that Llanbedr airfield is still in the running to be the home of the UK's first Spaceport. Which considering the short list was approx 10 locations last year is certainly a good thing.

If  you have no idea what I mean by the UK's first Spaceport then, here's +BBC News 's Pallab Ghosh with a news report from when the shortlist was announced last year -
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UPDATE: It turns out that the short list hasn't been created by the government but, by "The British Space Initiative (a private group lobbying for multiple UK spaceports)" according to (found via a follow up tweet by +Taffanaut )
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Hanni Parker

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This house has to be on my doorstep somewhere but I've no idea where!
So eerie, sad actually, that there is noone to treasure these memories and belongings anymore.
The Cloud House - An Abandoned Welsh Farmhouse
"With its dusty old furniture, littered with the remnants of a bygone age, this farmhouse looks like a museum exhibit.
Except the jacket casually slung across the back of a bedstead is not an artfully prepared replica of a lost life but the real deal.
The stone-built farmhouse was abandoned decades ago in a remote location in Mid Wales, with only its contents bearing witness to the lives of its former owners."
Great photographs from Dan Circa.
See more here

#abandoned #wales #interiors  
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I saw that and it's so poignant. I wonder who lived there and why their family didn't clear the place? I'm assuming that by "Mid-Wales" it's somewhere south of us in that empty bit of Wales between Machynlleth and Lampeter.
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Hanni Parker

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Got an hours break so Watching the premiere on Nextflix right now :D
We can’t wait to see what they’ve conjured up! #BetterCallSaul  
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Just watched it too, can't wait for the next episode!
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Hanni Parker

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How to tick boxes in a word document?
It is a medical questionnaire (not that matters)
Part of a webform which then opens an attachment in word format and I can't select the boxes, I suspect I'm being thick!
Any help appreciated!
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Opened in protected mode? Save a copy locally, rather than opening it from your web browser. Newer versions of Word disable a whole bunch of stuff if it determines the document came from an untrusted source; there might be a banner across the top mentioning this.
Oh, and just in case, I'm pretty sure you can't use WordPad to fill in forms, even if it opens, I think you need a proper copy of Word.
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Hanni Parker

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Reasons to hide the TV remote.
10 imaginary brownie points for the person who can guess which cartoon character my 5 year old daughter has drawn below. :/
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Careful though; the little people might figure out how to change channels without the remote. (buttons on the front)
A delve into the manuals may be worthwhile; most set top boxes allow locking out channels, as do some TVs.
Not for everyone, but many don't realise the feature is often there...
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So yes we Brits have issues...
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Lol normally yes, but couldn't take a hand off the wheel as passing uphill with millimetres to spare. :D
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Hanni Parker

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Any Meirionnydd/Dwyfor residents out there?
All candidates for MP of the Meirion/Dwyfor constituency will be meeting next Friday in Dolgellau.
Meeting open to all.
*General Election Candidate Meeting at The Royal Ship 27th February *
(Cymraeg isod)
Good prospect for a lively discussion with candidates of the political parties in a special meeting that has been arranged in Dolgellau later this month.

The event will take place at the Royal Ship Hotel, Dolgellau on Friday 27th February 7.30pm with all candidates in the constituency Meirion/Dwyfor for the General election on the 7th May. The six candidates have agreed to attend are: Liz Saville Roberts on behalf of Plaid Cymru, Neil Fairlamb for the Conservatives, Mary Griffiths Clarke on behalf of Labour, Steve Churchman on behalf of the Liberal Democracy, Chris Gillibrand for UKIP and Louise Hughes Independent.

The meeting is completely open to anyone within the constituency who want to attend with an opportunity to comment or ask questions.

For more information please contact Dafydd Jarrett on 01982 554200.

Cymraeg :
Cyfarfod i Ymgeiswyr yr Etholiad Cyffredinol Meirion Dwyfor Last updated: 16 Feb 2015
Bydd cyfle da am drafodaeth fywiog gyda chynrychiolwyr y pleidiau gwleidyddol mewn cyfarfod arbennig sydd wedi ei drefnu yn Nolgellau diwedd mis Chwefror.

Mae’r digwyddiad wedi ei drefnu yng Ngwesty’r Ship, Dolgellau nos Wener 27ain o Chwefror 7.30yh gyda’r holl ymgeiswyr yn etholaeth Meirion Dwyfor ar gyfer yr etholiad Cyffredinol ar y 7ed o Fai. Mae’r chwech ymgeisydd wedi cytuno i fod yn bresennol sef: Liz Saville Roberts ar ran Plaid Cymru, Neil Fairlamb ar ran y Ceidwadwyr, Mary Griffiths Clarke ar ran Llafur, Steve Churchman ar ran y Democratiaeth Rhydfrydol, Chris Gillibrand ar ran UKIP a Louise Hughes Anibynnol.

Mae’r cyfarfod yn gwbl agored i unrhyw un o fewn yr etholaeth sydd am fynychu gyda chyfle i gynnig sylwadau neu ofyn cwestiynnau.

Y ddwy Undeb amaethyddol ym Meirionnydd sydd wedi trefnu’r digwyddiad, a gellir cysylltu gyda Dafydd Jarrett ar 01982 554200 am fwy o fanylion.

#Dolgellau #election #election2015 
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Thanks +Hanni Parker 
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Hanni Parker

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Is it still #Caturday anywhere?
Hopefully sneak this one in. :D
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Looks like Ali G.

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Hanni Parker

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I figured it was pretty apt as we approach Lent..
I'm going to try give up a whole bunch of things that are not good for me.
Tomorrow's Coffee with Jesus is called "Not Ready Yet"
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Hanni Parker

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Taken earlier today by moi :D
Another beautiful day in Snowdonia!
It is cold but dry and sunny, and this weather is promised all week.
This photo was taken earlier this morning near the Mawddach Trail which goes from Dolgellau, following the path of the old railway line along the estuary to the coast at Barmouth.

Many of our guests choose to catch the bus to Barmouth and walk back to the hotel knowing they can reward themselves with a hearty meal and a pint when they get back.

The trail is 10 miles long and is away from the road so ideal for families, walking and cycling, but you can join or leave it at several sections along the way and catch a bus back if you prefer.

Do you have any tips for those new to the trail?

This popular trail has featured on several television programmes, including Railway Walks with Julia Bradbury.

For more information see

#Snowdonia #walking #holidays #nationalpark #mawddach #trail #Dolgellau #Barmouth #landscapephotography 
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How about this for a view?
+The Airport Pub    Manchester has undergone a complete refurbishment, and will finally reopen their doors in two days time! 
Checkout their Facebook page for photos of the transformation in progress!:

#Manchester   #Pubs   #RealAle   #wythenshawe   #aviation   #planespotting  

Ringway Road, Manchester, Lancashire M22 5WH
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It looks stunning, I've not been in yet, great reports heard so far!

I work at another Robinsons property. Now the Airport is finished, the workmen should be with us tomorrow! :D
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