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I feel so fortunate to work with Thomas at JWP. Thomas is one of the nicest people I've ever met and an ace designer.

I'm the jerk who's like "can you make an amazing the next ten minutes?" And Thomas is like..."it is done." Go support him on Patreon!
Hey gang, I've got a special announcement that I'd love to let you in on: I just joined Patreon! It's a simple way for people to contribute to my writings on graphic design and layout in games every time I release something.

There are some silly rewards for people who jump on board, like one where I'll actually high-five you if we meet in person, which is a thing I rarely do. I wanted to share this news with you before I started screaming it from the rooftops, starling nearby forest animals. Take a peek at, which has an open post with links to some of the types of writings I am really excited about doing!

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We unlocked Record Store at the End of the Universe!

If you'd like to get two entirely different games as part of backing Damn the Man you've got 10 hours left. :)

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I want to shine a spotlight on +Evan Rowland, whose art for Noirlandia is up for an IGDN award nomination.

Everyone thinks I made Noirlandia, but I didn't. I just talk about it a lot. Evan's both the game designer and the game's sole artist, and the amount of art Evan created for Noirlandia is staggering. Evan illustrated:

* The Noirlandia cover
* 5-full page interior illustrations
* More spot art than I want to count right now

But there's more. Evan also illustrated every single lead for the Noirlandia stretch goal settings, which came to 110 pieces of art. Then, he took on the task of illustrating 24 backer portraits that could be used as characters in the game.

I'm really happy to see Evan nominated in recognition of his art. It's well-deserved.
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Trying to get a jump on Metatopia planning this year. My big hope is to debut a larp-like thing that I'm working on with +Evan Rowland, inspired by the beautiful film Night on the Galactic Railroad.

It's going to be this weird psychedelic interactive play that takes place on a cosmic train traveling between life and death. I've been thinking about buying a star projector for the game, but the last time I was in a room with a star projector it looked so awesome I could barely keep my cool. I want to be able to keep my cool while playing a stony-faced train conductor who is also a donkey.

I'm really excited about this, though it's hard to say if we'll be able to pull it together in time. I hope so. :)
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It's the final 35 hours of the Damn the Man campaign, so I'll take this opportunity to ask folks to share the project one last time. :)

Damn the Man, Save the Music is a roleplaying game about a bunch of outcasts trying to save their struggling '90s record store from collapse. If you like "dramedy" games, games that challenge movie tropes, or games that tell sweet, character-focused stories over the course of an evening, then I think you'll like Damn the Man!

And don't forget about Record Store at the End of the Universe, the Hitchhiker's Guide-inspired hack of the game we'll unlock if we hit 18k. Thank you!

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Just three days to go for Damn the Man, my '90s-movie-but-hopefully-done-better RPG about a bunch of outcasts trying to save their failing indie record store.

In today's backer update I give a peek at some of the scene types I'm working on to help support GMs (I call them Facilitators in Damn the Man, but that's because I'm never quite happy with the words that already exist for things). Every act has around 6-10 suggested scene types, some of which I'm super happy with, some that need a little more finessing before I commit them to print.

If you're not a backer yet but the game sounds like your cup of tea, you can check it out here:

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Evan's art fills me with life! ❤️
Another character sketch for Adi, the runaway

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We're working our way towards one last stretch goal—a hack of Damn the Man set in a Douglas Adams-style universe, with characters like:

Walter Poole - The moody human, plagued by many a stroke of bad luck
Prototype 12 - The judgmental robot
Frankie - Whose love of adventure borders on dangerous
Deckard Cassette - The alien tourist, poorly disguised as human

Oh, and of course there's Tromp Bobblenob, president of the galaxy! He is a very silly fascist.

Hurtle through the galaxy on a quest to reach the last remaining record store in all the known worlds, before music is lost forever.

This setting unlocks at 18k. While it uses Damn the Man's core rules, I'm considering it a completely new game. If this excites you, please do share! I'd love to unlock this setting.

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From a book that I checked out of the library about pens.

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Damn the Man has been a unique, challenging campaign. It's a niche game and getting it into the right hands has been a lot of work. It's brought up questions like...How do I make really weird, specific things and also make a living? These are questions I wasn't asking a few years ago that I have to ask now. :)

It's not really appropriate to reflect on a campaign before it's ended because I don't have all the data yet, but it does make me think about the future of small games. Is it viable to Kickstart niche games? I think so, but a Kickstarter is so much work! I think a new model is needed for funding offbeat stuff. Shorter campaigns, maybe?

I'm not ready to answer these questions today, and I don't think I should even be asking them yet. After the campaign I'll be ready to open up that conversation in a bigger way, and I look forward to that time.

In the meantime, we're Project of the Day in Games today. So hey! Let people know! Share far and wide! Thanks for riding this coaster with me!

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