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Hannah Rampton
Freelance Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant
Freelance Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant

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This was next to the +SEOgadget offices a week ago and is now gone :) I thought it took the artist longer than normal!

This wall gets amazing graffiti on it all the time which lasts a week at most and then is replaced by something new

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Link Unbuilding webinar is today! Please join us at 4:30 UK time

which is :
08:30 am San Fran
10:30 am Chicago
11:30 am New York
21:00 pm Mumbai

And if you are in Australia, we suggest watching it from your bed
Sydney 01:30
Auckland 03:30

Check here

Looking forward to it!

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Dan follows up the Schema webinar with answers to the questions raised at the end

1. Can you show/speak about pros and cons of using Schema versus using micro formats?

I don't think we can really compare micro formats to directly - micro formats are a form of structured data, like microdata and RDFa with a limited set of pre-defined properties. The sole purpose of is to extend the vocabulary used in structured data, and at the moment only microdata can be combined with Although there has been talk of plans to start using RDFa.

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A very timely post from Tad Chef!

In this post I’d like to explain what Google most probably considers over-
optimisation. In the second step I will attempt to suggest long term SEO strategies that will make you immune to this over-optimisation update and future updates of this sort.

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Could use some help in spreading the word about It's gotten seriously good (IMO) - the submissions are high quality, comments are insightful and positive (though sometimes sparse) and the stuff that makes the homepage is almost always excellent, and very often stuff I wouldn't have found organically.

If you've got feedback and suggestions, those are appreciated, too!

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Not to be overlooked >

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20 days to go ;0) Happy Birthday +Ally Biring
Not only do you get the day off from work at SEOgadget for your birthday you also get beautiful birthday cake!!
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