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Hannah Newberry
The earth is blue... Like an orange!
The earth is blue... Like an orange!

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Problems of living alone #5 having guests over for the first time and forgetting that I have to close the door when I use the bathroom!

Problems of living alone number 4! Having to be a big girl* when unexpected visitors are in the kitchen!

*after the girliest scream and a phone call to mummy.

Problems of living alone #3! No one to negotiate with on the cooking and washing up. I have to do both. 

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Problems of living alone number one: this jar cannot be opened! I have been trying for 4days! 😑

Hey all, I've been a bit absent recently, how are you?

Have I missed ote? 

When busses are scheduled for every 15minutes and I've been waiting for 35minutes in the pouring rain and cold. It's safe to say Hannah is not a happy person at the moment.

+trent barton LIVE​​

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I enjoyed this. 

Not only did they not save my playlists but £10 of my rewards credit has gone missing!

It didn't pay for my Google Music as that has come out of my account.

Really annoyed
+Google UK

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Google Music has really really annoyed me.

My bank card expired and I forgot to transfer it over before my subscription expired. So I just activated it again and all my playlists that I created haven't saved to my account.

Thanks a lot +Google UK+Google Play

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