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Fake Charity: The Misuse of Photo Ops
There are a number of things that bother me about Romney's decision to stage his own relief efforts.  The obvious photo-op motivation isn't one of them: I'm willing to accept that such is the nature of campaigns.  What does bother me is that he staged a photo-op of something the Red Cross really hates: people trying to gather up supplies or volunteers and deliver them to disaster areas.  The Red Cross only really wants two things from people right now: blood and money.  It's bad enough that he spent $5000 buying out a local Wal-mart's supply of canned goods when he could have done much greater good just giving the money straight to the people who know how it needs to be spent.  What kills me though is that this really wasn't necessary to get the photo-op he wanted.  Here's what he should have done: *Mitt Romney should have gone to a blood drive, and had that photo-op be of him giving blood.*  Everyone wins: Romney gets his picture, and the Red Cross gets a message out to ordinary Americans about how they can actually help.
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He does not think that way. He is incapable of selfless, unselfish behaviour. He doesn't know how to do that. 
+WT Gator You know, I'm honestly not expecting him to be unselfish or to genuinely care.  I just want him to use his photo-ops in a way that is mutually beneficial to both him and the people he's pretending to help.
He won't . He just doesn't think that way. 
Has there ever been a presidential hopeful who distinctly embodies all the vile and corroded nature that is politics more than Mitt Romney?
I'm 55. I have had a lifelong interest in American politics. 

No. Not even Tricky Dicky on his worst day rivals Romney. 
Probably all of them. Not to his depth though, no. I just keep seeing him running this campaign as he would being the CEO of a company. I really think that these stinking ideas are coming directly from him and not from his campaign staff. He does not relinquish control and that scares me. 
Well, just goes to show how disconnected Mr Romney is with reality. This has happened very often to him in these elections.

Doesn't he even has advisers that are better informed than this, though? Or is everybody in his campaign as uninformed as he is? That would be shockingly telling (or maybe not, I mean, by now? It seems all too clear :/).
Thing is though, if he had gone to a blood drive he wouldn't have been able to play his campaign video, like he did at the "storm relief event", or had the political speakers, like he did at the "storm relief event".
You could give him the benefit of the doubt, +Jamie Braly. It could be that Mr Romney really is kind-hearted and wants to help everybody.

But his words and actions display that he is very misinformed (e.g.: not realizing that the Red Cross does not take non-cash donations), and quite disconnected from reality/the-people (e.g.: why stage a donation when he could have actually done a real collection from his followers?).

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Good intentions without proper wisdom lead to unintended consequences. And that is what I am seeing here.
Still a valid point. Glad it's over but I am quite disturbed by the number of people that supported the Republican platform. I take this opportunity to be grateful that our country turned a corner ideologically and that elections were not bought as a result of a poor Supreme Court decision regarding superpacs. Sigh of relief, but staying vigilant.
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