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Statistics lesson idea!
Let's hear from the math teachers out there--what do you think of using this as a lessen in statistics: the idea would be to present a set of data gleaned from The Hunger Games regarding tribute age, success, ratings, etc. and assign a class of statistics students to use their understanding of statistics to test whether a hypothesis they've come up with is true or false. For example, students could seek to figure out if the gamemakers have rigged the drawings to choose more young tributes (with the null hypothesis being that there is no statistically significant difference between the actual ages of selected tributes and the expected values). This could be an interesting lesson for a competent statistics class: have them come up with a question, come up with their "expected values" and run something like a chi^2 test to determine significance...and then have to defend their research to the class. Thoughts?
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That's really clever. All of the data sets we got when I was studying stats either related to widgets or a sausage factory. There are some concepts there that can be really challenging to get your head around such as null hypothesis and hypothesis and if young people could frame it around something.

I personally struggled with stats in the classroom but once I was in a workplace environment working with datasets that meant something to me I was able to excel at it and it's now a passion of mine.
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My hypothesis is the main characters win....
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