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Aspiring Fashion Journalist

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Three under-used products
Rediscovering forgotten make up is always a good feeling, in fact I'm pretty certain that it emanates the same intoxicating feeling that you obtain when purchasing goodies for the first time. My mood was lifted when I found these three products in the backs...

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No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review
When I say I haven't bought a new foundation in over three years, don't take me for a liar. When I first got into makeup, say I was 13 or something, I went out and purchased about six bottles of the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I only ever worn it on speci...

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What I Got For Christmas | 2015
First of all, happy new year! I cannot wait for what 2016 is going to bring, but I sure know that I am going to try my hardest to fill it with joy and happiness. Christmas,  last year , I was truly spoilt by my family and friends, and I am extremely appreci...

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My New Year's Resolutions
2015 can only be described as one of the best and worst years of my life. January through to December, so many new experiences were thrown at me, but at the same time, I struggled with finding happiness in many aspects of my life.  A New Year resolution has...

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Winter sky's and a 2015 reflection
The process of the sun setting or rising always triggers a photography spark within me. There's just something fascinating that I find about how the sun can manipulate the sky to produce a million and one colours.  On another note, I hope everyone enjoyed t...

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The Night Before Christmas
Christmas is tomorrow.  CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW!  So, that makes this evening, the night before Christmas. Exciting, huh?  I suppose my family don't have any Christmas Eve traditions, I know we like to spend time together as a family, but nothing major happen...

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The Best of December Magazine Freebies
It would not be a lie to say that around a quarter of my make up collection is magazine freebies. Furthermore, at least 80% of these are either Clinique or Benefit. Now those figures are out of the way, you can probably imagine how excited I was to see what...

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A Jumper To Help You Survive Exam Period
Exams, at some point, will lead you barricaded in your bedroom, the floor flooded with text books and revision guides. Well, this describes my current state, With my 11 exams the week after next, I've found myself spending less time on the internet and more...

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20 Hours In Paris | #prayforparis
Last Saturday my family and I ventured to Paris, as a 16th birthday treat to me. I can't really comprehend how lucky I feel to have gone last week, six days later and I would have been affected by the terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th, which were utterly...

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What I Got For My 16th Birthday | Pandora, River Island and.. Paris?!
Birthdays are always my second favourite time of the year (after Christmas that is), but not because of all of the presents, but because of the celebration. On the 8th of this month I turned 16, some people would say a birthday bigger than the previous, and...
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