It is much to Jahan’s credit that she humors my odd academic pursuits, though I do think she is proud of her family’s collection of art and manuscripts.  She is a scientist and a humanitarian.  She says that she will take me to her lab and show me her other activities as soon as it is safe for me to leave the palace.  She does not know when that will be, and to be honest, after rough travel in the road and living under threat for months, this time of tranquility, healing and study is most beneficial.

I regret that I can not tell you of some of the wondrous things I have discovered, but the time is not right.  All I can say for now is that the N’zeer must not be allowed to return. The beacons must stay dark as much as possible, and on December 13th, I hope will all my being that my fellow Enlightened help us achieve this goal. 
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