Like I said... there, it gets strange.

There was movement in the carved relief. It was disorienting. Some kind of hologram? An unexplainably advanced kind of moving sculpture? Or a window into some other dimensional reality. I honestly don't know. Asimov's third law. Groups of reapers floated through this frieze. The would collect the floating fragments in ‘baskets’ and reassemble them -- I felt intuitively that these were meant to be representations of the soul. Of course, this is just my interpretation.

I attempted to capture images of this strange moving sculpture, but my electronics failed -- likely a side effect of being in this Anomalous zone. In any case it was as if these reapers were attempting to harvest and reassemble the shards which drifted across a vast map of the region. What was curious was the accuracy of the map given the obvious antiquity of the site.

I must go off grid again, but I will leave you with this.

I had to flee the Nest when it seemed that the very structure of it was morphing into something else. And in that moment I gained a glimpse into something beyond. I know not whether it was the Ultimate, the N'zeer Substrate or perhaps just a hallucination -- one caused by the stress of being in the Anomalous zone.

I just don't know.

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