Jahan helped me to interpret, or at least understand some of the ancient texts. She was surprised by my interest in them. I explained to her that many of them seem to be texts believed lost -- connected to 13MAGNUS and maybe even the N’zeer. She laughed... amused, I think, by the idea that the library she spent so much of her childhood in would be ‘lost’ and that this dusty collection of her family’s texts could be part of a secret agenda that spans millennia. I didn’t really expect her to believe it, but I like it when she laughs.

It is becoming evident to me that 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus groups have existed, often unaware of each other across time and cultures. They trace back to ancient civilizations... the Egyptians, perhaps the Harappans or the Vedic period, and more.

The curious thing is the nearly mystical way the members are drawn to each other and continue an investigation... an agenda that I believe is unknown to them.  Very odd dynamic. A collective-unconsciousness-like phenomenon?  Some kind of shared elite awareness or instinct? 

Some days when I wake up in the morning I remember my purpose. To explore, to see, to discover, to share. I wonder: was that purpose given to me when I was a child, or did I acquire it somehow, or was it always there?

How did the individuals that have comprised 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus across the millennia arrive at their purposes? Needs investigation.
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