What I saw at Jahan's place has caused me to view statues, public art and even architecture in a very different way.

Where I used to believe they were inert objects, I now believe that they serve a much deeper purpose. They are like 'icons' or 'avatars' for a very different reality and energy. For instance, the statue of a warrior, in fact, is an avatar for a real exogenous warrior which has the potential to manifest under the right circumstances. That is to say that exogenous entities have always been amongst us, hidden in plain sight, inert, but waiting to be brought to life -- if 'life' is indeed the right word...

In some ways, this comes as a great surprise to me. In other ways, I knew it all along. Why else has every culture in the history of mankind fashioned strange fantastical guardians, from primitive masks to ornate statues?

They are vessels.
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