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I'll be honest -- don't recall meeting the person who calls themselves Amaziah.

I do remember the conversation that was mentioned in that email -- the bicameral mind, and how it might explain a sudden change in humanity's relationship with either itself or the Exogenous, depending on how you frame the question.

A number of us were present -- at the time I was not very well known in these highly academic circles (to be fair I'm still kind of an outsider) -- and I mostly hovered around the edges of the discussion. If I remember correctly, it was Wright who was the key driver and who first raised the possibility that the bicameral mind theory could have emerged as a rationalization for the sudden disappearance of an outside influencer on human thought and behavior.

If you've ever been around Wright for a period of time, two things become clear: 1) He will talk endlessly about nearly any subject and enjoy it perhaps more than he should, and 2) Despite this, the ideas he presents are often challenging or at the least thought provoking.

Time and science have largely dismissed the bicameral mind theory, but for those of us who are aware of the vast body of evidence surrounding what -- for lack of a better term -- we call the Exogenous Era, it's a well thought out explanation for something that remains a mystery.

One day, we exist in a fluid system where an outside force may have actively engaged in shaping our destiny. The next day, we were alone. Did this happen, or are we imagining it from the comfort of a scientific future and a mind that conceives reality in a certain, self-assured way?

I recall a story told to me by another Niantic researcher -- and I apologize if I (or they)'ve told this before -- of a person who doubted the myths of their faith and visited a guru to discover the real truth.

This person asked the guru a number of questions:

Guru, you say that two great gods fought here, and one died and this mountain is his body. Is this true?

The guru says yes, this is true...

And guru, you say that this god's mother wept at the loss of her child, and these oceans was formed from her tears. Is this true?

The guru says yes, and the conversation goes on for some time like this -- each time the guru affirming that the myths are true, and explain the presence of every aspect of the world around them.

Finally, the frustrated visitor says: Guru, when I look at the world around me, I see no great gods, I see no evidence to serve that any of these things you claim actually happened.

The guru responds: Did you want to know if these things are true, or did you want to know if they happened?

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Normally, I consider myself one of the cautious ones. However, since +Martin Schubert has gone out on a limb, I'll return the favor and play devil's advocate for a minute.

Here's one possibility that we shouldn't overlook: Tecthulhus are by themselves neither good or bad -- or to use the XM term of art... stable or chaotic. They are, I suspect, defined by the will and temperament of their creators.

My own research indicates that Tecthulhus have been a part of our history with XM going back many hundreds of years, if not thousands. They are immensely powerful, this is known... but their nature has varied.

It doesn't surprise me that Lynton-Wolfe's Tecthulhu was an unstable and dangerous construct -- those are properties that define Lynton-Wolfe himself.

The Tecthulhu modules being used at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens seem to be fragments of a whole... I do not know the exact details, but my understanding is that they are limited to prevent destabilization that could result in Anomalous XM activity. (Of course, with 13 running at the same time, who knows what could happen).

I have been following the activities of the various builder teams. Their enthusiasm, passion and creativity is infectious. My guess is that these modules will build upon those qualities, enhancing XM in the area to the benefit of all.

Like I said... devil's advocate. I don't know that any of us (myself, Schubert or any others) have enough information to be definitive at this point.

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My meeting with Jahan didn't happen by chance. I think the details of it are even more pertinent given the recent conversations posted by PAC between Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips.

It involved use of a Prime Object not unlike the Shonin Stone. I did so under instruction of Jahan and with trepidation. (In inheriting the Azmati Family’s collection of Prime Objects, traded and stolen over centuries, I inherited a set of very powerful objects that don’t come with instruction manuals or FAQ sheets. Unfortunately, Jahan knows this catalog better than I do.)

It happened as follows: Jahan contacted me and suggested that we meet. As I am still being followed by unknown organizations with unknown intentions and Jahan is experiencing the same -- and as Jahan herself is dubious ally, we agreed to meet in a neutral zone.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Our agreed meeting place was Jahan’s palace a millennia ago -- before it was taken over by her family. On a video conference, she explained how to use the artifact and we set our coordinates in a way I will not explain here for obvious reasons.

Instantly, we were in a scriptorium that would become Jahan’s library, where we have been before, at a time I would estimate as around 1200 AD.

After a cordial greeting, she showed me a scroll filled with odd drawings of what appeared to be blue and green genii or demons from an unknown mythology. She traced for me how some of these memories evolved -- becoming one with native cultures through legend, folklore and myth. She explained that what I saw in the scroll were the true 'Exogenous Entities.'

"Why have these things appeared throughout history?" She believes that the events in the future may bring about a return of an Exogenous era.

It is something she is preparing for. It is now a possibility I am aware of as well.

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Continuing from where I left things yesterday, our reaction as primates who think that the world is knowable is to perceive this (that the world is not as it seems) as a 'wrongness', but perhaps that's what a revelation or an epiphany is for.

It is a revealing. And as something hidden is revealed, there is a moment when you realize that things never were what they seemed and the mind, craving always order and connection, must go back and reassemble the world based on the revelation.

Things never were as you thought they were. They always were different. You write a new rule and emerge with a new understanding and you know that your new understanding, itself, might also be an illusion.

Just as the internet has connected people and place and events in ways that they had never been connected before, Exotic Matter and Chaotic Matter have forged new Links.

Standing here, now, a new image is appearing... I realize that what we perceived as video games and entertainments with their artificial worlds are simply a step in evolution to make us realize that our perception of the world is an artificial world.

Just as every person holds together their vision of a world and a 'narrative' of reality, we must realize as a species that we have a fragmentary and illusory vision of the world held together by the 'stories' we tell ourselves in an effort to keep out the chaos.

The world is not chaotic and it will never become orderly.

It is something very different.

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As you know, Jahan and I have had a long and checkered history since we met after I was injured during my journey east -- gosh, long time ago -- Darsana? -- sometime around then. We have been enemies, friends -- close at time, and at times unreconcilable separated.

I can’t say that I know her and I can’t say that I trust her, but I am drawn to her, not for the obvious human reasons, but I somehow I feel that we are a yin and a yang. We are two pieces of a puzzle that expands even as it is solved, which is not uncommon when you study anything. Things that appear very clear in the beginning become murkier as you gain knowledge. As opaque becomes transparent, detail emerges, and in the detail are a million other mysteries.

I met Jahan recently. I met her in that old estate she calls her palace. Of course, the palace is an Anomalous Zone, but this time I did not enter it as I had before. This time, I transited from one Anomalous Zone to another. It seems that there is a secret set of connections in the world that connect Anomalous Zones. The model in Ingress is Links. When places are connected, they are for a moment one thing -- connected by the person or network of people that unified them. It is not exactly quantum entanglement, it is a secret geography that connects times and places -- an entanglement of mind and spirit. They are Linked, and that word takes on a deeper meaning.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that recent developments in technology and in non-physical spaces like the internet have been preparing our minds... brain priming or shaping us to accept the fact that reality is not what we think it is.

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Before leaving DC I stopped at my storage shed in Tysons Corners. Kind of. It was like entering a haunted house. My belief is that, due to certain objects stored in there, it has become an extension of another Anomalous Zone.

The storage shed is not there to the others around me. It has been torn down and some kind of office complex has been built in its place. It would have appeared empty when they inspected the shed before demolishing it.

As I checked the facility and retrieved some objects that are now stored in time as well as space, I felt the presence of modern people going about their jobs.

It was a very odd sensation. Inside the shed, it was 2014.

Metaphorically, the world has always been that, different times existing side-by-side in modern cities, but visiting a past that I myself existed in is very odd and yet informative for an archeologist.

In a literal sense and perhaps a metaphorical sense, I got back on the road.

I’m not sure whether it was the Aegis Nova, or Abaddon, or Via Luxe or Via Noir, which still seems to be somewhat upon us, but it is clear to me that we have entered a new era, and it is my feeling that the search for true knowledge supersedes past differences.

Via Noir has been a very long road, but I feel it is coming to an end. I will be making every effort to be present for the MAGNUS in Northern California, but I, like every other human, am not in control of my destiny.

Some of my time has been spent attempting to unlock the secrets of the Prime Objects left to me by Azmati’s Uncle. In a perfect world -- a detente -- Jahan and I would share information, for I believe that we are in possession of interlocking Prime Objects, but we are, for reasons that should be apparent to most, not at a place where we can trust each other.

Thousands of years of rivalry, treachery and violence does not vanish in a day, and somewhere within me lurks the fear that perhaps we would be doing the bidding of the Exogenous forces if we were to collaborate. We must be very vigilant about what we let into our world, even if by our own actions.

And perhaps, we must be very vigilant about what worlds we enter that are not our own.

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Arriving at the NIA HEADQUARTERS, I found it greatly changed since I was last there -- although I must admit those memories are unclear -- having not been fully recovered through my recursion and the reassimilation that followed.

This leads to a serendipitous visit that I had with Dr. Edgar Wright who, it seems, has surfaced for a time to aid the NIA. I have mixed feelings about his involvement with an organization that has been involved in what I consider nefarious activities in the past, but I also understand that if we are to unlock these mysteries, the path leads through the NIA.

I met with Calvin outside the facility.

Calvin is not the same man I knew at the Niantic Project or afterwards when he left to head up IQTech. He changed in a way I have not seen a man change before. The heavy air of guilt and covert pall that used to hang over him is gone. He is the Calvin I knew before the Afghan Anomaly. He seems decades younger and utterly unburdened.

Almost light-hearted.

It is, I guess, in a very real sense, what a man is like when he has been released from his sins -- except it is different. There is no aura of the penitent, there is more the feeling of one who has never sinned. Ignore the theological tone of this, but this is the only language in which I can describe his demeanor. And even though I can not really comprehend his present state, I have no good reason to disbelieve it.

Perhaps the destruction of the MAGNUS has freed him of a burden he bore.

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Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was not present when I visited the Die Glocke facility where I thought his Tecthulhu had been constructed. It was guarded by unknown but curiously subterranean forces. They laid in wait, and I expected -- if not violence, then certainly a tense standoff. However, they (perhaps on orders from their superiors?) decided to let me conduct my investigation unmolested.

I do not know who they are or who they serve, though there is ample room for speculation on this topic. They felt like tribesmen... Uncontacted, but very aware and capable of using technology. Perhaps they were well camouflaged mercenaries, perhaps they were some strange human or cultural artifact of previous occupations of this chamber, perhaps they were humans mutated and infused with the Exogenous, or possibly, they were spectral figures of my imagination. It's possible. This was no ordinary place. I had no direct contact with them. I felt their presence and believe I saw them out of the corner of my eye.

The facility itself stands empty save for a gigantic bell-shaped artifact which pre-dates Lynton-Wolfe and is quite possibly the result of experiments during and after the Second World War. In any case, there was no physical trace of what has been called the Moyer Tecthulhu. I have not used the word 'physical' by accident. There were non-physical traces. I felt a presence in the Die Glocke facility that I have also felt in other Anomalous Zones and have come to believe that the construction of a Tecthulhu may be a precursor to the emergence of an Anomalous Zone. I can not prove this, but for the record, I believe it. I have ignored such instincts before and lived to regret it.

And, for what it is worth, I felt a familiar 'human' presence there. I don’t know whether it was Lynton-Wolfe, Klue, Susanna Moyer or a combination of them, but I believe it was one or more of that... trinity. Once again this was a non-rational, non-provable observation in strange place, but it's an observation nonetheless.

As has been leaked by unknown sources in documents, I have spoken in person and through various chat channels to a number of members of the original Niantic Project. The leaks surrounding this have caused me to define 'Johnson's Law'. Simply stated, it is that 'the more secret a document appears to be, the more likely it is to be leaked and widely disseminated.' I have contemplated making these reports appear to be much more clandestine than they, in fact, are, to expand the scope of my communication.

Some things have become clear. I believe we formed a MAGNUS, but as we were not all of Enlightened or Resistance alignment, it was not what I will call a Pure MAGNUS. It was a hybrid MAGNUS and I can only speculate on the meaning of that. However, all of the characteristics of the MAGNUS were present. We were gathered in the same place and time, we filled all of the Archetypical requirements. We carried out research and built Exogenous objects and we were all exposed to extreme amounts of XM. In fact, it might well be that we created a Tecthulhu and it is almost beyond doubt that Abaddon, located physically below the Niantic Facility but also maintaining an identity outside of time and space, was already a Tecthulhu.

That MAGNUS is now at an end. I do not know what will follow. I do not know who will remain.

The Enlightened control much of what lies ahead -- I wonder what they are thinking...

My next journey was to the NIA Headquarters outside of Washington D.C.

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Forgive me for my sporadic communication over the last two months. By now it is well known that I was in New Zealand studying Maori history and legends... and some uncannily interesting brewery products.

Yes. At one level that’s a joke. At another level, I am not ruling out that there could have been a Tecthulhu that revealed secrets of cooking or brewing or something similar. It's a funny thought, but as I said, I am not ruling it out... just saying it's possible. Think of how a Tecthulhu summons the senses. Think also, about the term, 'spirits.' Food (and drink) for thought.

As you well know, one of my interests as an archeologist is the unique connection between the past and present. At this moment, I am in search of evidence of what we've been calling 'The Exogenous Era’. It is theoretically a period of time when it is possible that the Exogenous intelligences (the Shapers, the N'zeer) were directly present among us. In passing, I am quite fascinated by the theories advanced on this by some members of the Essex community.

Simultaneously, I've been following up leads on the whereabouts of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe...

In passing, let me say that locating and penetrating the Jörmungandr facility underneath Buenos Aires was one of the most difficult things I have yet accomplished. It was guarded by an unknown group of aquatic mercenaries who seemed to be well prepared for me. I will write about it one day.

While I was unable to harvest any of the secrets of that location, I was able to explore it and have come to the conclusion that Lynton-Wolfe has not been present there since the meeting described in the Howcraft document and corroborated by later actions.

I am not able to speculate on his motives or whether Susanna Moyer was a willing and informed participant or whether she was either deceived or coerced.

That is a mystery to be solved on another day by other people, though there is much to tell about my next journey.

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Hey there Agents.

I'll be in Christchurch, New Zealand doing some research for Nomad (will be looking into local Maori legends among other things).

Come join me at Dux Central and we'll hang out for a while and share stories.

I may need some help from you as well... keep an eye out for one or more Missions near Dux Central in the hours leading up the meet up -- I may have some intel to share if things go according to plans.

And my gratitude to the Agents on the ground in NZ (M., G., C. and F.) who are helping organize this event -- couldn't do it without you folks...

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