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Places Locked By Grace
Written and narrated by Hank Beukema
Music by Alan Johnson

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Drive He Said Take 2
Written, Narrated and Produced by Hank Beukema
A True Tale of The Road
Music - Theme from The Sopranos
Picture is of Neal Casady
Production Copyright revbuckmanmusic 2016
All Rights Reserved

Leaving San Bernadino
He said Drive
He said Drive until
You hit Detroit
I was 19 and He Was younger
But he had the car
And he had the gun
So I gobbled up
Some of the
White crosses that
They had come to L A
To take back to Motown
And drove

She laid back there
With that haltertop
And those pink shorts
And I had already pictured
Us without him
And we were running
Always running
Fields and streams
And no haltertop
And no shorts
They were smacked out
On morphine
And I was speeding.
I would talk for oh
About an hour and
Every once in awhile he
Would say, Good, Buck, good
Keep drivin, man

I was a New York boy
And wanted to see the
Grand Canyon but
After about a Chevy Chase minute
He said Drive, he said
Drive until you hit Detroit

I drove the entire length of
Route 66 in a Falcon
With bald tires
Through the Rockies
Through Amarillo
Through the snow
Through the drugs
Through the fear
But I made Michigan
And I said goodbye
On the Western coast
So I could go north to Holland
Where some friends left
A light on for me

I don't even remember their names
But I can still see that
Halter top and those shorts
And that gun and those eyes
And I can
Hear him say Drive, man
Drive, he said
Drive until you hit Detroit....

Poem Copyright revbuckmanmusic 2003

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