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Hangout Canopy
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Hangout Canopy

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Hello World,

Today is a sad day, we are no longer developing or maintaining Hangout Canopy because of a few reasons.

1. Google+ now provides a sufficient way to discover Hangouts.
2. New Chrome builds imply a very strict set of security rules which make Hangout Canopy fail at detecting Hangouts.
3. Our team no longer has the time to maintain and develop this free extension.

We hope that Hangout Canopy has helped you discover new friends and have great social experience.

You can uninstall Hangout Canopy from your computer if you wish, otherwise Hangout Canopy will uninstall itself from your computers over the next few days.

Please share this post to inform other users.

The Canopy Social Team: +Robert Pitt, +Mohammad Eshbeata, +Brian Aldridge.
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Hangout Canopy

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Heya Guys,

Google made a small change to there infrastructure causing Hangout Canopy to loose track of Hangouts.

This should be fixed and updated soon, sorry for the inconvenience

Tip: In the mean time you can always find some popular hangouts on :)
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I need access to the Canopy from FireFox, 'cause my iMac doesn't like to hang out on chrome, but when I access G+ from FF, everything's peachy, who'da thunk?
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Hangout Canopy

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Some of you may have noticed you have had a limited number of hangouts, in fact so limited it says 0 :)

Google changed some stuff around again that caused it to break, A fix has been deployed and should get to you within a few hours, If you do not wish to wait for this you can follow these instructions:

1. Goto Wrench > Tools > Extensions
2. Check the tick-box next to Developer Mode
3. Press Update extensions now!

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Hmmmm ... I tried that and it still isn't showing any hangouts.
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Hangout Canopy

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Hangout Canopy Announcement.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our recent downtime, our network has been the victim of a technical issue that has caused our master network to go down.

We are working extremely hard on getting the network back up and running and to re-sync hangouts.

We expect the network to be live within the next few hours, once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.
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Hangout Canopy

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Just something we thought you would all like :)
A new hot app by +Hangout Canopy

After two days of coding by +Robert Pitt and +Mohammad Eshbeata and some mental and graphical support by +Moritz Tolxdorff, we are proud to release Hangout Canopy for Hangouts to the public.

This app is cross-browser compatible, which enables non-Chrome users to use Hangout Canopy to see ongoing public Hangouts.


More information:

Please re-share and send us feedback!
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Cant get it to install on FF.
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Hangout Canopy

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Advertising on Hangout Canopy

+Hangout Canopy is the largest Google Chrome extension for helping users discover hangouts in real-time, our infrastructure allows us to check and update each hangout every 4 seconds.

Why advertise with Hangout Canopy
Hangout Canopy offers a very competitive rate with a high amount of page views, on Hangout Canopy there will be an impression rate of 250 impressions per minute, along side the unique targeting of Google+ users and Hangout seekers.

What you can advertise
- Google+ related projects, hangouts and broadcasts
- Social products
- Products related to Social and Media.
- Other (negotiable)

What are your prices
Within +Hangout Canopy, there is and advertisement slot in the sidebar that will rotate 5 advertisement slots, each slot costs 15$ per week but multiple purchases for higher impression rate can be negotiated.

1) Single slot 15$ weekly
2) Double slots 30$ weekly (Double the impression rate)
3) Triple slots 45$ weekly (Shown the majority of the time)

Purchasing 4 or 5 slots will give you the 80-100% impression rate, making your advert visible to most of the time, this slots will cost 60-75$ per week.

How can I purchase an advertisement slot
You can contact us by email stating the following information

- Organization / Company
- Advertisement Content Type
- What package you wish to purchase

Please send this information too
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Have them in circles
11,020 people
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Hangout Canopy

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Hangout Canopy Update

We have recently migrated the Hangout Canopy network to new hardware to help us handle the large growth the network is receiving.

The migration was completed around 10 minutes ago and everything seems to be OK, if anyone has suddenly started experiencing issues please let us know below so we can help fix the issues.

Thanks and Happy Hanging :)
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Hangout Canopy

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+Mohammad Eshbeata at +AmmanTT showcasing +Hangout Canopy

+1 if you think this is just way too cool!
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Is the app down? Can' log on for a few days now?
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Hangout Canopy

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Yesterday we released Hangout Canopy for Hangouts but have recently run into an issue with Firefox.

We are working hard on a fix and should hopefully be done this week, we apologise for the inconvenienced caused.

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Canopy is NOT loading any information in Chrome. It's been 2 hours and still not loaded anything. I restarted Chrome but still not working. Did Google change API orsomething??
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Hangout Canopy

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If anyone has any issues, feature requests or need to get in touch, we offer a wide range of free support from our development and management team for free.

You can + message +Hangout Canopy or contact any of our team members at

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Something is happen with the web and the extension ......
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Hangout Canopy

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Network Update going really smoothly at the moment, were currently about half way into the migration phase to a Secure Network.
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Keep up the great work +Hangout Canopy !
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Hangout Canopy

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Hangout Canopy Update

Sometime today we will be pushing a new version of hangout Canopy that has been modified to use SSL Encrypted connections.

This is not something that is truly required as all traffic is public information only, but we have spent the time to make this happen because we believe in the up most security.

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Another reason why we have enabled Secure Connections is to stop those pesky transparent proxies that modify our sockets packets.
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Hangout Canopy, The google chrome extension that allows you to discover hangouts by using real-time technology to find and share public hangouts
Hangout Canopy, The No1 extension to discover public hangouts.

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