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How Do We Lose Health?
Stress is literally any force you encounter, and
there is a universe full of forces out there. We
categorize them as physical, chemical or
psychological in nature. These forces smack into
your molecules every moment of every day, and
without the second factor, your knight in shining
armor, they will break you down like waves
breaking rocks into sand.
Fortunately, unlike rocks, we have life, which
resists and adapts to these universal forces,
keeping us in active organization. If our “life
force” encounters a stress it can use in the body,
the stress has positive survival value. If the
stress is harmful to the system, then it has
negative survival value. The stress itself cannot
determine if it is positive or negative. Only the
individual life force can make that determination.
So it is life vs. stress. When stress breaks you
down faster than life can build you back up, then
you lose function…and therefore, health.
Your Health, Your Choice

While we may not always feel like we have a
choice in the matter, we actually have more than
we think we do. We can choose what foods we
put into our bodies, we can choose to move or
be sedentary, and we can choose to read an
uplifting book or watch the 6 o’clock news.
The best choices are those aligned with our core
values. Most, if not all, of the pain in our lives
comes from choices that are against our values.
Then we have to clean up the mess of their
Establishing and Advancing the Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle

Provided by Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, published by ICPA, Inc. For more information visit: and
Compliments of ICPA Member:
All Your Health Solutions…As Simple as I Can Put It
values. Most, if not all, of the pain in our lives
comes from choices that are against our

Understand the Stresses
Physical: The basic idea here is to “be fit.” To
start, you have to make sure the system is in
proper order. You then have to use it
appropriately so that it can be exposed to
stress and respond. It’s important to do things
you naturally enjoy, and equally as important to
allow time for the system to recover and build
following exercise. Avoid strange, man-made
movements and activities that seem like
unnatural movements.

Chemical: I think we all have a general idea
about what is good for us and what is not. A
good rule of thumb is, the closer a food
substance is to its natural form, the better it is
for you. Avoid known toxic substances, manmade
fads, or foods heavily altered from their
natural form
Psychological: The granddaddy of stresses.
Our minds are constantly processing stresses
from the past, present and even the future.
Unlike most chemicals, when you are exposed
to a thought or idea, you can never remove it.
It’s important to do your best to expose yourself
to positive, constructive forces on a consistent
basis, and avoid most of the negativity that floats
around our society. Many times, simply changing
your perception regarding a stressful event can
make all the difference in the world. Surround
yourself with people who understand this
principle and share positive, life-affirming ideas.
Learn to be grateful for all your life experiences.
An Inside-Out Approach
We live in a high-stress society. Our ability to
surround ourselves with positive life stresses and
appropriately manage our negative life stresses
will ultimately create our “health condition.”
Start by taking an inside-out approach to
healthcare. Strive to maintain maximum function
of your body, so it can fully express life. Then,
choose which stresses align with your core
values and goals to maximize your life
experience. Seek healthcare providers who take
an inside-out approach as well, and support you
in creating the best life possible.
Modified excerpt from: All Your Health
Solutions…As Simple as I Can Put It by Robert
Berube, DC. Read more in Pathways at

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My little man Eric started to see Dr. Anna back in October 2014. Eric has a lot going on with Autism, seizures and a genetic disorder. Dr. Anna is amazing she took her time as she listened to my concerns and didn't care Eric was rearranging her office. She asked so many good questions about Eric's daily behavior and what I wanted to see improved. Just let me tell you I was a little nervous but what a huge change. Dr. Anna had a calming voice and when she adjusted Eric she would talk him thru it so he wasnt shocked when the adjustment took place. As a momma with such a complex kiddo this is a must for me. A doctor that is calm with my kiddo. Eric is doing great. He is talking more and using meaning fully speech. He is sleeping thru the night and having less meltdowns. He is able to focus more. And the biggest surprise he now is using the restroom on his own. Dr. Anna's staff is amazing they are kind and they work with a craze schedule. Eric is doing a 100% better and going to Dr. Anna was a big part. I tell everyone to about the major improvements and the unexpected ones that we didn't discuss but I see in Eric. Dr. Anna is amazing and her staff she is the only chiacoptor I would feel comfortable adjusting my son
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Wellness is key! Get started on the right path today ‪#‎drlesleydc‬ ‪#‎drannadc‬ ‪#‎victorvillechiropractor‬ ‪#‎hesperiachiropractor‬ ‪#‎handsofhealthchiro‬ ‪#‎hohc‬ ‪#‎health‬ ‪#‎wellness‬ ‪#‎welladjusted‬ ‪#‎startthemyoung‬ ‪#‎subluxationfree‬ ‪#‎lovemyjob‬ ‪#‎posture‬ ‪#‎nervoussystem‬ ‪#‎functioning‬ ‪#‎educate‬ ‪#‎movement‬

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4 week old Baby Carter getting his nervous system checked by Dr. Lesley.... 👶🏻 ‪#‎drlesleydc‬ ‪#‎handsofhealthchiro‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎adjusted‬ ‪#‎wellness‬ ‪#‎welladjusted‬ ‪#‎startthemyoung‬ ‪#‎hesperiachiropractor‬ ‪#‎victorvillechiropractor‬ ‪#‎highdesertchiropractor‬ ‪#‎subluxationfree‬

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2 month old precious baby Reagan much happier to visit Dr. Anna for her adjustment 😍❤🍼💓👶🏻👐🏻 ‪#‎lovemyjob‬ ‪#‎highdesertchiropractor‬ ‪#‎victorvillechiropractor‬ ‪#‎hesperiachiropractor‬ ‪#‎hohc‬ ‪#‎welladjusted‬ ‪#‎drannadc‬ ‪#‎subluxationfree‬ ‪#‎startthemyoung‬ ‪#‎educate‬ ‪#‎babychiro‬ ‪#‎precious‬ ‪#‎health‬ ‪#‎wellness‬ ‪#‎nervoussystem‬ ‪#‎functioning‬ ‪#‎chiropracticforchildren‬

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